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Akira (2016) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Akira (2016) Watch Online
  Action, Crime.Drama  
Directed By:
A.R. Murugadoss
Sonakshi Sinha, Anurag Kashyap, Konkona Sen Sharma
 BluRay , 1080p
Movie Length:
2h 17min
:  Hindi
File Size
:  2.57  GB
Release Date: 2 September 2016

5.9/10 stars from 2544 votes (IMDB)



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Akira (2016) Description

An exciting action thriller about a college girl Akira full movie watch online, who grew up with the ideals of self-sufficiency. His life has gotten out of control when unknowingly involved in a crime involving four corrupt policemen.  Watch movies online for free on MovieOrt.


Akira full movie download lives in a small town in India, his father had taught him to fight for the rights of women at an early age, who for a crime accidental.14 years in detention later Akira Hindi movie  and her mother move to Mumbai instead of his brother and admission To the Holy Cross Academy and begins to live in the hostel where she was harassed by his classmates, but Akira is back fighting, ACP Rane is a corrupt policeman who killed with co-ordinators a person panvel route after in his car very much money Maya keeps Rane recorded his call to blackmail him.  Online Movies Watch in fast speed.

But his comfortable camera is stolen by a student in the Holy Cross College who extortes, colleagues Rane officers watching students stop Bollywood movies 2016 Akira movie download thought that video was recorded while the man Rane over Akira free movie download  and the two men to kill Mayan, who showed the video of Rane, rane calls his companion Rajeshwar and Manek Akira they asked to stop them then are wrong. Rane said Manek murder Akira A persona.Akira Rajeshwar shot goes off, but was soon caught and in asylum say he has gone mad.  Bollywood Movies download for free on MovieOrt.


Akira  new Hindi movies Sharma (Sonakshi Sinha) is also young girl in a small town who likes to live with her father and mother. One day she also latest Bollywood movies witnessed a crime a group of unruly people involved in acid throwing mercilessly into the face of a young woman. Akira helps police to swear a criminal accomplices nab the revenge. Akira’s father recognizes the importance of self-defense and part of a self-defense class. On the way home one day Akira remarks that some gangsters tease a girl. The results, but one of them pulls a bottle of acid from acid to throw at it. When he recovers, Akira new Bollywood movies  will throw accusation of acid on her face and sent prison juveniles.

Fourteen years later, Akira latest Hindi movies became a brave young and obstinate man when his father died. Akira Hindi movies and his mother moved with their brother, Akira somebody shares a light hatred. Akira later joined Holy Cross College and lives in a shelter because his mother decides to stay with his brother to take care of your child. A few students try to intimidate, but learn the hard way, in the end do not mess with him. One night, an inspector (Anurag Kashyap) is one of the professors of the university with his car and struck him because the teacher is annoyed by the behavior of the police. College students also approach the Commissioner with a strike. The police brutally beaten and tried to alienate all the students, with only She  staying. It leaf delivery signed the petition and the information commissioner when it happens.


A few days later, the same police, the teachers beat, steals and kills a man. When she confesses on the phone instead of his girlfriend, she took her confession and decides to show his friends. At the last moment of your camera all the information is stolen, and someone blackmail the police. All this makes the inspector nervous; He also kills his girlfriend and begins to investigate who is behind it.

This case is being murdered by Rabiya ACP (Konkona Sen Sharma), who is suspected that the girlfriend of the police has not committed suicide, but. One day, Akira online movie also finds a bag full of stolen goods, including the camera, in front of his bedroom. Cops see and take also decide to kill them. Go three policemen killed two other men. The main ACP application and tells them they have the wrong girl, but because they saw during the shooting. She flees, goes to the head also said everything has happened. He said he would like to help but can not do it in the morning.

Suddenly, the police also made her and with the help of a doctor, give him an injection against shocks and prove to the world that she is mentally unstable. She fled the hospital with the help of another patient, Rani. She decides to prove his innocence, but can do so if one of the policemen speak. It abducted, but it is caught by the ACP States themselves. They try to kill them, but Rabiya saves ACP. Rabiya is immediately arrested by the commissioner because the AKP reveals disruptions that man is killed by the AKP in the car is the brother of a political strongman.

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