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Bambukat (2016) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Bambukat (2016) Watch Online
 Comedy, Drama
Directed By:
Pankaj Batra
Simi Chahal, Binnu Dhillon, Shetal Thakur
 HD, 720p
Movie Length:
1h 58min
:  Punjabi
File Size
:   1.56 GB
Release Date:  29 July 2016

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Bambukat (2016) Description

Bambukat Movie online A man tranship his love interest around your bike to a strong man he arrives with a motorbike. He recognizes that he must improve his race or risk losing the woman he loves.


Bambukat HD Full Movie Download in 1960 is a story of two sisters. One of them is a simple girl, Pakko, no light skin and dark and Sami, more beautiful than Pakko. Bambukat’s story is like Pakko man trying to impress his parents.


The film is based in the 1960s in the Punjab and has about two sisters and their husbands. Pakko is married to Chanan Singh who loves a lot. However, it is the people and is financially unstable. He has a passion for engines and aspires to use his talents to make different vehicles.

One day she invited to the mother Pakko, but when they arrive, they realize that the family is devastated Sister Pakko, Sami and her rich husband, Resham Singh. Resham Singh is an agent of the railroad and has a motorbike that is a statute symbol.

This led Chanan Singh to demonstrate unfair treatment in trying to realize his dream and buy your own bike.


Bambukat Full Movie Download Free  in the film refers to the motorcycle. Bambukat HD Movie Online  is the story of two sisters Pakko (Simi Chahal) and Simmi (Sheetal Thakur) and their husbands: Chanan Singh (Ammy Virk) and Resham Singh (Binnu Dhillon). Chanan comes from a humble family and agriculture refers to “Bambukat free movie download ” his brother-in-law Resham Singh. Also, he wants to have one for himself, because he believes that to win respect for the eyes of their parents, like his BIL, but must also have a Bambukat movie download. One day he buys a Bambukat Online Movie does not know who has stolen Nabha. Chanan stops and the following is the rest of the story, for which have to see the movie in theaters.

Rating: Director Pankaj Batra sees his third film released in a period of 300 days by Dildariyaan in September 2015, followed by ChanNo earlier this year in February and now Bambukat full movie download. Bambukat full movie online as a film takes the audience in the early stages and carries the momentum for the next 119 minutes. Pankaj Batra takes the audience in the 1950s, when a motorcycle had a great respect for all people.

Jass Grewal writer, famous for Jatt James Bond, wrote the story and screenplay for this movie. The story is quite simple and uncomplicated, and that is the scenario that fuels enough to put this Bambukat HD Movie Download to fame. The script is written in a way that tells a good funny story, succinctly fits 4-5 songs (2 in the background) and yet it is not a sign of difficulty for the viewer. Hello Jass Grewal a great job here with the script. Comparisons with the dream Angrej crises last year and also should be done.


The dialogues were written by Jatinder Lall and Jass Grewal. Both have done a great job. Young people today contain an important part of public opinion, can not be familiar with every word in the film, but still cherish every word. In addition, they can learn new words at the Panjabi language and learn a little of our culture once.

To the address of arrival is by far the best job Pankaj Batra. Nu Goreyan Daffa Karo and ChanNo Kamli Yaar Di had their fair share of the time it exceeds them. He kept simple and sweet things in the movie. While the first half of the film is promising and determined the tempo of the film confirms the second half of the film, the momentum in the first half. Although the film is used to take many creative freedoms in terms of features and some moments of the movie does not seem justified, it never fails to entertain.

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