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Darsakudu (2017) Watch Online

Movie Name: Darshakudu (2017) Watch Online
Drama, Comedy, Romance
Directed By:  Jakka Hari Prasad
Ashok Bandreddi, Noel Sean, Eesha Rebba
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length:  
2 hours 10  minutes
:  Telegu
File Size
: 445  MB
Release Date:    18 August 2017

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Darshakudu Movie online Film is a romantic animator of Hari Prasad and produced together by Sukumar, BNCSP Vijaya Kumar, Thomas Reddy Aduri and Ravichandra Satti, while Sai Kartheek composed the music.

Darshakudu full movie download  (English: Director) is an Indian Telugu movie written in 2017 and directed by Jakka Hari Prasad. Produced by BNCSP Vijaya Kumar, Thomas Reddy Aduri and Ravi Chandra Satti, includes Ashok Bandreddi, Noel Sean, Eesha Rebba and Pujita Ponnada in the lead roles. The music was composed by Sai Karthik, while the photo of Praveen Anumolu was directed.


“Darshakudu Download Torrent” represents the journey of an ambitious man. It seems that the story of each young girl blinded by passion involves the question and emphasizes the importance of drawing a line between career and personal life.

Mahesh (Ashok) is an aspiring filmmaker who always dreams of creating a new love story of age. One way or another, you have the opportunity to direct a movie Darshakudu Torrent Download and the kick starts your shot. The current story begins when he falls in love with a costume designer named Namratha (Eesha Rebba). What problems does your love story have in your movie? Will the movie end on time? That’s the rest of the story.


Mahesh (Beginner Ashok) is an aspiring director who wrote a beautiful story. But the script has an error. The romantic road is not inspiring. This is because he has never fallen in love.

Now he goes on vacation and accidentally meets Namrata (Eesha). A song and a fight later (these things also happen in real life, then the wannabe director’s refrain), he likes flowers.

But that’s not so easy. She is not ready to admit it yet. Mahesh does not look serious either, much less emotional. It is dry and deliberate, which means more.

What should be a steady increase in marriage is complicated when Namrata Mahesh simply uses it as a tool used to love love to track down his movie.

Many conversations (logical or different, emotional or different, playful or not) follow before they approach and make a life always happy.


For Mahesh (Ashok) nothing goes beyond the movies. Even as qu’inflammatoire, when the world says angry passion, only his father told him that it is precisely this madness that helps him reach new heights as a filmmaker. Namrata (Eesha Rebba) is a costume designer who confronts him and chains his life with his forever. She is her hesitant music, and her life is her canvas. Namrata opposes everything that Mahesh defends, because his life is marked literally and figuratively because of his love of films.

But then, because it’s a movie, everything is going well in the end, in contrast to real life. Even if Mahesh constantly before he sets his career (also in the final scene) and justifies his actions with excuses that make no sense to healthy people, Namrata seems to be a reluctant participant in this spell simply because it is love with him , Mahesh also loves it, but in a way that understands the spectator what a sociopath is. If we leave aside the fact that the protagonists appear to be a sociopath-masochistic relationship that is perfect, the film Darshakudu  Full Movie HD Download manages to mark in an intelligent way.


The film Darshakudu movie download hd  is sent Meta, in which the protagonist is also a film bears the title “Darshakudu hd movie download” based more or less in his life. Throughout the film, there are witty comments, like the Tollywood-tropics and yet “Darshakudu HD Full Movie Download” almost all uses to begin their story. The film Darshakudu Full HD Movie Download  also manages to examine gender roles while comfortably using a second thought. However, none of these things can be felt until the viewer thinks about the movie.

The debutant Ashok does a good job of portraying his character, then Eesha. Pujita seems to be and the film Darshakudu HD Full Movie Download only for the Priyadarshis Love Surprise camouflage is more a character of its own general function, Darshakudu full movie watch online  ‘seems to be the Seele Namrata -. A movie that does not want to have anything to do with Tollywood, but close that it can to everything, simply by its love by the industry.

Darshakudu (2017) Watch Online

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