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Dishoom (2016) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Dishoom (2016) Watch Online
Action, Adventure, Comedy
Directed By:
Rohit Dhawan
John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez
 BluRay, 720p
Movie Length:  
2h 4min
:  Hindi
File Size
: 1.16  GB
Release Date:  29 July 2016
5.1/10 stars from 3996 votes (IMDB)



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Dishoom (2016) Description

Dishoom and other latest hindi movies are available to watch online. If the best batter in India disappears in the Middle East, two mismatched bulls have 36 hours before the cricket final to a chase team.  Dishoom movie download


When the Indian online movies watch batterer Virâj disappears in the Middle East, two policemen Kabir Shergill and Junaid Ansari on both sides of the teams from the Arabian Sea 36 hours of people to hunt before the final between India and Pakistan.  Dishoom free movie download and watch movies online on


During a cricket tournament in the Middle East, 48 hours before the final match between India and Pakistan, the best cricket in India Virâj Sharma (Saqib Saleem) disappears. Indian authorities got a video of an unknown Pakistani fan, claims to have cricket game hijacked Virâj India vs Pakistan two days later, and Dishoom watch online movies warns them not to leave the party. To avoid media indignation, the Indian Defense Minister also sent special force officer Shergill Kabir (John Abraham) in the United Arab Emirates for a 36-hour chase. ” Online watch movies only on MovieOrt.

Both Kabir and Junaid begin their investigation with a video CCTV hotel Virâj and discovers that the night of its disappearance, Virâj with a local girl is outside, Samira Dalal (Nargis Fakhri). Faced by them, it is shown that it is Virâj at the party of a friend took, but soon abandoned. Kabir and online movie collection  Junaid walk into the town a local thug of Khabri Chacha (Vijay Raaz), leading a gay Playboy Sameer Gazi (Akshay Kumar), the largest animal part of the city that fits Virâj in the same nickname to be split They find, no idea.  Latest Bollywood movies download and watch online only on MovieOrt.

Finally, the duo achieved a breakthrough mobile Virâj from the apartment of a pick-pocketer in find, Ishika (Jacqueline Fernandez’s Watch online movies), who claims to have stolen the cell phone of an unknown the previous night, in a super mall. They also managed to capture the person in the video, but he discovers that he is only a fighting actor used as the face in the video by the actual kidnapper.


Junaid is nevertheless very surprised when the actor “foreigner” recognizes qu’Ishika was mentioned as a refugee. He also led his audience, and Dishoom full movie download rubs a sign of clear evidence that Kabir, who asked Saeed, junaid major to identify the foreigner .

It is  also known that the true hijackers are a Wagah cricket pamphlet (Akshaye Khanna). Who with his deputy Altaf (Rahul Dev) abroad, Virâj away and also offered him to play 300 million rupees late. Finally, the agreement was closed for $ 500 million euros. But if the business did not work and Virâj closed on them to believe that an incredible Wagah impostor than underplaying, will definitely eliminate, until the last game is played.  Latest Bollywood Movies download from MovieOrt.

At the present time Kabir, Junaid, de. Their duty is to go to an underground Ishika Arab club in Aboriginal state Altaf Abuddin, was discovered by beggars and Kabir Altaf weapons and both tried to chase, but before they can succeed, a sniper killed Altaf. Wagah also calls and new hindi movies admits Kabir, who killed him and who try to leave Virâj. Wagah faces Virâj threatening to kill his family, has both a Mumbai-based partner and his own administrator, and asked his wife to date his son, not ultimately with the only Bradman at his side.  Dishoom watch online and full movie download freely

Return to Abu Dhabi, Kabir and Junaid also removed from the housing and order Kabir to fly to India. But at the 11th hour, Junaid has hidden an idea of ​​where Virâj from how Wagah on a yacht near the hotel of concentration.  MovieOrt is the best platform for Movies Download.

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