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Dukhtar (2014) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Dukhtar (2014) Watch Online
 Drama, Thriller
Directed By:
  Afia Nathaniel
Samiya Mumtaz, Mohib Mirza, Saleha Aref
 HD, 720p
Movie Length:
1h 33min
:  Urdu
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:  0.9 GB
Release Date:  3 April 2015

7.2/10 stars from 1446 votes (IMDB)



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Dukhtar full movie In the mountains of Pakistan, a mother and her daughter, he fled ten years of his house on the eve of the girl’s wedding with a tribal leader. A deadly hunt begins for them.


Two clans (here called A and B) who had a long history of enmity agreed to bury their enmity. The main focus of the agreement is that the youngest daughter of A (who does not really escaped a young man faithfully. After a while, they feel (right) that his current hiding place is not safe enough and the puberty second) goes to marry the Older man B. the girl Dukhtar Movie online, her mother and fled. Here they are safe and never found. But in a city, it will be a great party. Facing the many years, mother and daughter had lived without fear, have the opportunity to go in this city. But he had hoped Clan B.  Download new lollywood movies in High Quality for free.


At the age of fifteen, Allah Rakhi was given in marriage to the former head of the tribe of Daulat Khan, who after Lahore took his family to live with him in the mountains. Well, two decades later, Daulat Khan presented the possibility of making peace with Tor Gul (Abdullah Jaan) and the agreement must be sealed by the marriage of the daughter of ten years of Tor Gul Daulat Khan, Zainab (Saleha Aref), in marriage. Tormented by the idea that her daughter’s life can be a repetition of his own, Allah fled Rakhi with the unconscious girl Dukhtar  HD Full Movie Download in tow.

Continue with the Daulat Khan ministry gate Gul, and knowing that it is very remarkable when a woman escorted without a guide on a mountain road, Allah Rakhi sneaking on a truck. When he was discovered, he managed to get an elevator for her and Zainab initially a friendly truck driver menteant, Sohail (Mohib Mirza). When Sohail learns the true ground leak Allah Rakhi, you have to decide whether to put your own life at risk of giving his mother and daughter to safety in Lahore.  Watch Urdu  Movies Online in HD 720p on Movieort.


On 24 June 2014 it also became known that Geo film Dukhtar  HD Movie Online acquired domestic distribution rights of the film Dukhtar free movie download. Sorfund Norway funding also provided to the film Dukhtar movie download after years of fundraising, said Director

“Our local film Dukhtar Online Movie  industry is in also disarray and financial masala want to see film Dukhtar  HD Movie with women who do almost everything in dance wear and gyratrices on the screen.”
Was shot exclusively in the northern areas of Gilgit-Baltistan, Skardu, including sites, Hunza, Gilgit also Ghizer Kallar Kahar.  Watch Pakistani  Movies Online in HD for free.


Last year WAAR headlines around the world thanks to the message he brought jingoistic. Dukhtar urdu movie hd (girls) was a fairly flexible case, in part because of the struggle of children’s marriage in the rural areas of Pakistan. Filmed Dukhtar Pakistani  Movie Online quite well in the north is a story about the glowing love of a mother who is also not going to give his daughter to wife to settle a tribal dispute.

One of the best things about this movie Dukhtar Pakistani  Movie Download is also that it will not be monotonous. The director, Afia, has a great job of keeping the story at a rapid pace with a series of curves despite the relatively banal subject of the film Dukhtar Full Pakistani  Movie Download
. In this sense, I was also impressed with all the achievements, except perhaps the Mohib Mirza, Punjab truck driver. I think it is not the right actor for the role was because visible fought this breath Punjabi expected of him to produce. However, this should not be an obstacle to watch the movie Dukhtar  full movie online 2014 because the dialogue is more than sufficient for the rest of the cast.

The songs are refreshing, which brings me to another point in the film Dukhtar full movie free download; They do not last forever and are volatile events during scenes to emphasize emotions. Overall, Dukhtar HD Movie Download  is easily the best film Dukhtar Full Movie Download Free from Pakistan in 2014 can not see WAAR commercial success, but its history is infinitely much better. An absolute must.

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