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Duplicate (1998) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Duplicate (1998)  Watch Online
Action, Comedy, Crime
Directed By:
Mahesh Bhatt
Kajol, Shah Rukh Khan, Juhi Chawla
 HD, 720p
Movie Length:
2h 44min
:  Hindi
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: 658 MB
Release Date: 8 May 1998
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Duplicate (1998) Description

Duplicate Movie online  To circumvent the law, a relentless dice tries to kill his doppelganger; A cook and takes his place.


Duplicate HD Full Movie Download Shahrukh Khan plays the role of Bablu and Mannu. Bablu wants to become a great leader and win the heart of Sonia (Juhi Chawla) while Mannu is a criminal who wants revenge. Lily (Sonali Bendre), the interests of Mannu. When he discovers that Mannu Bablu is their similar appearance, Bablu tried to kill and take your life so that you escape the law.


Duplicate Online Movie Simple, naive and somewhat awkward, 26 mind, Bablu Chaudhary (Shahrukh Khan) lives with his mother (Farida Jalal) and calls it “Bebe”. Although their ancestors were bodybuilders and wrestlers, the leaders want to be. On the way to an interview, he meets Sonia Kapoor (Juhi Chawla), who is the banquet manager in the same restaurant, where he directs the interview and the attitude. The two begin to fall in love with each other.

One day, inspector R.K. Thakur (Tiku Talslania) Bablu stops in several crimes. Bablu is shocked and disbelieved and confused because the police refer to it as “manu” still. In the intervention of his mother, with ID documents and photos, Bablu is released and provided with a police ID that he does not Manu. Manu, who looks exactly like Bablu, and removes the identity of Bablu. Card and takes the identity of Bablu, so that the unhappy Bablu be arrested by the police again. This time it will not be published under any circumstances. In the meantime, Manu’s “business”, like Bablu, does not seem to stop.

Bablu (Shah Rukh Khan), an up-and-coming cook, works in a hotel where Sonia Kapoor (Juhi) works in the restaurant with him as a banquet cook. His Manu (Shah Rukh Khan) as a gangster, robbing a bank with his friend (Gulshan Grover), but is caught. He is released from prison and finds out that his cohort has crossed twice. He died at his partner and escaped from the scene … without the money. Bablu stumbles over money and custody. Manu lover, Lily (Sonali Bendre), is wrong. Bablu is Manu and far away. Manu saw Bablu’s house and realized that he could use his resemblance in their favor.


Shah Rukh really also stands out in this film a Duplicate free movie download to play two completely different personalities. Babloo, a kind of mother innocent child, he calls Bebe, and love; Although it’s a bit easy in their relationships, he has to prepare talent gourmet delicacies. Which Juhi brings together, sophisticated girls, with responsible position in a prestigious hotel. Both are in love with each other in Duplicate movie download. Very to the annoyance of Ravi, who has his eyes on the beautiful Juhi. And the plot line gives twists and turns, the mannudada in the photo, an exact aspect Babloo!

Although the audience plays the simple plot does not matter, can predict because the perfect cast, Sonali Bendre including whistling, he really loves Mannu.

Director of Duplicate  full movie online touch can be seen in all these hilarious situations that are treated princely, with an ugly action and adults, we only see in Indian cinemas. Sonali knee ass Babloo, John Travolta style face \ Off or Mannu gets too cool with Juhi! The score and above all the choreography in Duplicate HD Movie Download as well as the delivery of the trio, and the effort to create romance, sex and comedy in one, gives this film Duplicate Full Movie Download Free a different dimension to combine, which is rarely seen in these figures family dance, which often crowds viewers of Duplicate  HD Movie Online Are pauses to get rid of getting boredom.

This is a blow in the comedy, so the events in Duplicate full movie download will not be taken seriously as such.

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