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Enkitta Mothathe (2017) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Enkitta Mothathe (2017)  Watch Online
Directed By:
Ramu Chellappa
Natarajan Subramaniam,Rajaji,Parvathy Nair,Sanchita Shetty
HD, 1080p
Movie Length:
2h 29m
: Tamil
File Size
:   2.87 GB
Release Date: 10 March 2017

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Enkitta Mothathe (2017) Description

Enkitta Mothathe full movie 1980 was very important for the cuts in the Tamil cinema as the first appearance of the film. These days trimming was a magical bond between the fans and the actor to create during the release time. The story also moves through this period.

Mandira Moorthy, a local politician and owner of the Tirunelveli Theater. He used to deal with problems beginning Kamalhas Films and actor Rajinikanth. So much so that it tries to control the members of the Association of fans by its political power and also has a plan to make the situation in a policy. The Ravi concerned, who is an artist of the cup. He is an uncompromising fan of Rajinikanth. The rest of the film is as well as Ravi caught all the challenges and revenge against Mandira Moorthy.


Enkitta Mothathe Movie online amu debutant Chellappa “Engitta Modhathey” was also a time play piece in the 80s, which was the Rajini-Kamal was in the Tamil cinema. The story also revolves around Ravi (aka Natty Natarajan Subramaniam), a painter of cuts and his friend and colleague Perumal (Rajaji). Ravi is a fanatic fan of Rajini during Kamal’s crazy Perumal.

Ravi is in trouble when a policeman beats. Later move friends in the hometown of Ravi Tirunelveli and successful artists. Sister Rajaji (Sanchitha Shetty) falls in love with Natty, while Perumal is attracted to Parvathi Nair.

The artist’s profession is cut off while local politician Chidambaram (Vijai Murugan), upset by the fight of fans, discounts on the city map forbidden. Ask the help of theater owners and Radha Ravi powerful politicians.

Because of the love story of personal life Ravi Ravi is in trouble when his friend Perumal is your enemy. Perumal get into the fold of the worst enemy things.


Enkitta Mothathe HD Movie In such a Kollywood sector, where many moviegoers also love to please their favorite stars. In fans wars with “pride” that also celebrates the results of their idols with lots of energy. A movie like Engitta Modhathey also shows interest. The Tirunelveli inspired film, the public also takes in the late 80’s at a time to complete. If the ardent film fans Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan as Manithan also celebrate, Nayakan, guru Sathya Sishyan. And in their small villages. A period in which the powerful “rasigar chucks” Star also competed with each other to carry out social services. Theater also decorate cuttings of placement and execution abhishekams. Prevent many characters also to examine their unexpected plans. The growth of the baboons, a history of friendship. And two romantic tracks that also run parallel to participate in the film Enkitta Mothathe HD Full Movie Download.

Ravi (Nataraj) and Perumal (Rajaj) are guys who are also in the painting of star-studded clippings. The first is a big fan of Rajini, while the latter is a fan of Kamal, who has confessed. Little by little, since the two are in their work successfully, so that the popular “culture cut”. Which annoys Chidambaram (Vijay Murugan). As someone who works in the theater eaters. Who believes that fan wars and the activities of these fodders create fuss outside the cinema, to business loss. It takes the matter Mantra Moorthy (Radha Ravi), a big man in the city. And also the candidates for the position of the axis of action in the later election. Plans are organized to stop the couple’s activities and enjoy the conflict between Ravi and Perumal, caused by a personal problem.


Enkitta Mothathe free movie download The author and director Ramu Chellappa deserves a pat on the back for his recovery in the atmosphere of the fans in the 80s presented with all the colors and shades. He has not lost the social environment and human emotions. The film Enkitta Mothathe movie download sheds some light on the unknown dimensions of fans rivalry Rajini and Kamal. At one point Radha Ravi told Vijay fans of Murugan Rajini and Kamal are more powerful than the stars. This dialog box shows the core of the effective film Enkitta Mothathe Online Movie. The manager did a good job in writing. Its implementation coincides with its writing. The dialogues are sharp and effective.

It is disappointing that the director of this central point is different – fighting fans – and tells us the struggle between protagonists and politics in the second half. These parts are also predictable and repetitive. The second half almost forgot about his friend Ravi Perumal and absorbed the impact. The fight scenes you feel that Ravi Fan not superstar, but he is a superstar himself.

The point of the film Enkitta Mothathe full movie online  – representing the era of the 80s – dominated the negatives and that good news for the film Enkitta Mothathe HD Movie Online

Enkitta Mothathe (2017) Watch Online

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