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Ghayal Once Again (2016) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Ghayal Once Again (2016)  Watch Online
Directed By:
Sunny Deol
 Sunny Deol, Rishabh Arora, Nadira Babbar
 BluRay, 1080p
Movie Length:  
2h 7min
:  Hindi
File Size
:  2.65  GB
Release Date:  5 February 2016
6.6/10 stars from 4192 votes (IMDB)

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Ghayal Once Again HD Movie When a video of his murder surface mentor, an investigative reporter to take steps to find responsible.  Watch HD Movies on Movieort.


Ghayal Once Again HD Movie Download Ajay Mehra (before Ghayal 2 HD Movies Online-1990), after the end of his life sentence, a newspaper named Satyakam begins. Even to see with the trauma that haunts loss of loved ones, Ajay manages to become a credible name in investigative journalism. Work with a foreign team ITI activists, ex-offenders and the like; And even strange to discover the forms of truth and present, Ajay Mehra deserves especially among young fans who find his approach without fear, without compromising in dealing with all kinds of very inspiring sociopaths. Under his hardcore fans, these four teenagers who randomly received medals for bravery to him.

These four friends once photographic shipment, accidentally save a camera murder. The material appears as explosive, as it clearly shows that two of the city’s most powerful people are involved in the Ghayal 2 Watch Movie Online murder. Now, what happens after a series of twists, where the four children involved and must fight with the most powerful men in the city, Ajay will be able to rescue them? Children to succeed in their permanent mission of truth, only time will tell. Watch  bollywood movies 2017 in HD.


The film begins with flashbacks of Ghayal 2 full movie, Ajay Mehra Angry Young Man shoots and kills Balwant Rai (who killed Ajay’s brother) and right-hand police Joe D’Souza pleases. Ajay is sentenced to prison. After his release, he began a new career as a journalist for an independent newspaper, but also works as a guard, police with their compatible cases difficult track (including cases where prominent and influential members accused of society ).

One such case involves the small town journalist Renu, who was drugged and raped by his boss, media baron Rajguru. Renu committed suicide and the Rajgurus men concealed the complex issue and innocent friend. Ajay arrives and Ghayal 2 hindi movie  kidnapped Rajguru, soon he was forced to get a DNA sample. Rajguru is arrested and the sensational heroes Ajay is declared. However, Ajay still suffers from anxiety attacks his painful memories of his past. His girlfriend Riya, a psychiatrist who helps you solve your problems.  Watch HD Movies Online in 1080p on Movieort.

Joe D’Souza is retired and is now a social activist. Ajay often works with him and helps him out. Later, however, D’Souza was killed in a car accident in Panvel. Young blogger Saigal Zoya was surprised to discover that Joe was shot. She had accidentally captured the video assassin, perpetrated by Kabir Raj Bansal, son of business magnate Raj Bansal. Zoya and Ghayal 2 onlinemoviewatchs  his friend panic and want to take the video to the police, but Anushka (Zoya’s friend) reported that Grandpa Raj Bansal had put in a traffic accident (where 8 more innocent people died) and stopped because Bansals power scene. He also foresees that D’Souza had visited Raj Bansal and the accused directly from a Fang country.


Following the advice of his grandfather converts the video Anushka Kriplani lawyer that children are safe to secure. However, Kriplani poured Bansal calmly into the back, and his son Rohan, also a friend of Zoya, realized Ghayal 2 movie download  that his father had left the video and asked Zoya to reach Ajay Mehra. When children quick to reach Ajay, they intercepted by Bansals bats. Follows a hunt and Ajay keeps children and recovers the video. Riya takes the children to the hospital, but again Bansals abducted by men.

Soon, it revealed that Ajay Anushka own daughter. Kabir tortures children in Bansal, who tired of Ghayal 2 free movie download the child’s anger, wegwartet. Bansal holds Ajay’s daughter and is the other children for free. The Ajay said his daughter will still be able to Bansal to ensure the safety of Kabir. Bansals mother objects but Bansal, imprisoned in a moral conflict, blowing in the opposite direction. Bansal told Minister House, Ajay Mehra detention.  Watch Hindi Movies in HD.

Ajay goes over the police and keeps attacking the Bansal house in order to save his daughter. There is also Ghayal 2 Full Movie Download Free  fierce battle. Ajay also saves her own daughter and Bansals girl who trapped in the rubble. Bansal surrendered and arrested with his son. Watch  new bollywood movies in HD.

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