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Goutham Nanda (2017) Watch Online

Movie Name: Goutham Nanda (2017) Watch Online
Action, Drama
Directed By: Sampath Nandi
Gopichand, Hansika Motwani, Catherine Tresa
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length:
2h 36m
:  Telegu
File Size
: 545  MB
Release Date:   27 July 2017

/10 stars from votes (IMDB)



Goutham Nanda (2017) Trailer


Goutham Nanda Full Movie HD Download Movie online  is the story of two identically people change course, but only for the poor is greedy and try to eliminate the great.


Goutham Nanda is a film with Gopichand and Telugu Tottempudi Hansika Motwani in important roles. The film Goutham Nanda Torrent Download  also plays Catherine Tresa. It is a romantic drama action by Sampath Nandi S. Thaman is directed as a musician, being part of the crew.


The film Goutham Nanda Full HD Movie Download unit with Mega Chiranjeevi opening card for use in a theater shows Khaidi No.150

Gopichand raised between the son Vishnu Prasad Gautam, a great man, floating extravagant and elegant with a silver spoon. His father is also the top 50 entrepreneurs by Forbes magazine. It is used with all kinds of bad habits and it turns out to be useless to be a man. After an incident, Gautam seeks the meaning of life and what was lost. They survive sharing all the luxury and the street. Nandu met a poor neighborhood in Hyderabad.

It’s a look-a-like. Nandu is a poor man who has lost hope of a better life. Gautam Nanda and the two decide to exchange identities and live for a month. Gautam escapes an assassination attempt. The film Goutham Nanda HD Full Movie Download covers the situations that face the two boys have changed their identity, trying to prove their worth. The story ends on a positive note after a climactic spring scene.


Gopichand was very elegant and elegant places shown in Dubai. His double action character needs a rug. It was successful with contrasting characters.

Hansika Motwani performs well on the song “Basti Dorasani”.

The role of Catherine Teresa in the song Bole Ram surveillable. The two functions are very limited and do not have much effect.

Vennela Kishore Sathi Bithiri and have a routine action.

Tanikella Cahndramohan and showed her age with ease in action.

Mukhesh Rushi and Nikitin Dheer agree with the limited functions.


The manufacturers have great applause. They spent more money and effort to produce rich products.

Thaman has done perfect justice to the richness of the film Goutham Nanda movie download hd and RR was wonderful. Music is the highlight of the film Goutham Nanda hd movie download. The song Vana Jallu needs a special mention.

If you a lover of the struggle, Ram-Lakshman very often brought you a good deal.

Probe Rajan was good for his purpose. Enjoy taking. The Gautam Raju work with scissors is perfect and adapted.

Sampath Nandi after the Bengal tiger took two years apart, but do not leave history. Many producers passed without a strong history. You will have more processing and action sequences. The dual role did not go in his direction. He was able to show off the elegant heroine. He would have worked more on the stages of emotion and comedy script.


Writer and director Sampath Nandi is armed with a pretty good story. He is inclined to convey feelings more Masala action defying gravity and these figures.

Since the manufacturers have not shown that Gopichand would be seen in a double role in the film Goutham Nanda  full movie watch online in order to surprise the public the first key. The contrasting forms of the rich and the poor, and the personality of Nanda, keep the entertainment quotient in the first half.

Although slow, there is a beautiful innocence of wonder about the meaning of Nanda, Goutham Nanda HD Full Movie Download feeling of softness impression of seeing the standard of living in poor neighborhoods and, of course, character Hansika (as the daughter of the lower middle class Nanda who secretly He) for the first time in the mid-nurse

However, for comic and aggressive Ajay (who wants to win the love Hansika), the first half is not a single cliche.

The film Goutham Nanda Online Movie slides quickly in endless shots in the second half (to date) anticlimax. The formula starts to get on your nerves. From a mother caring for hunger and fever has a son, this vocabulary of sentimentality to Telugu cinema everything returns to the age of 90 and a maximum of a history of allotted history that has been indulgent in the worst case.

Goutham Nanda full movie download must start playing beyond the obvious right of the battle theater, No. Khaidi 150 to see. The public should have asked, and I guess 10 minutes before sunrise.

Although the songs relative to entertain in the visualization picturisation, they do not seem to hinder the step.

Goutham Nanda (2017) Watch Online

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Goutham Nanda (2017) Full Movie Download

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