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Max 2 White House Hero (2017) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Max 2 White House Hero (2017) Watch Online
Directed By:  Brian Levant
Zane Austin, Francesca Capaldi, Lochlyn Munro
 BluRay, 1080p
Movie Length:  
1h 25min
:  English
File Size
:   2.03  GB
Release Date:  12 May 2017

5.9/10 stars from 96 votes (IMDB)



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Max 2 White House Hero (2017) Description

Max 2 White House Hero Movie online  is awarded to the White House, while Butch, the dog’s secret service, is on maternity leave. He meets TJ, aged 12, who is the president’s son. High profile because his father, who fights to get into a normal life and lead a normal life. During a state visit of the Russian president and his daughter Alexandra wondered (Alex) TJ to accompany them during their stay. TJ friend Alex, but when they get in trouble, Max comes to the rescue!


Duty calls again, and our dog hero Max returns to action in “Max 2 White House Hero Online Movie” again. His new work brought him to Washington, DC, to serve the secret service of the American president. When a foreign head of state arrives with his untimely daughter Alex (Francesca Capaldi), tensions between the two countries emerge. First son TJ (Zane Austin), with Max and Alex discovers a dangerous act that brings both the children and the two countries at risk. A very sensitive mission is to push specialized skills, intelligence and test loyalty Max 2 White House Hero HD Full Movie Download.


In short: This movie Max 2 White House Hero movie download family, is a damn harmless fun for kids. It is also something like a continuation to 2015 Max (2015), produced by Warner Brothers and MGM.

At the end of the film Max 2 White House Hero free movie download you get some good pictures of the presidents of the United States with their dogs to see.

Theme Uplifting: “There is also no reward without risk. – Alex (Francesca Capaldi) keep their promises. Obedient, the value of family, friends

What I liked: I love Washington, D. C. The images of this epic beat the building of patriotism at the heart of all Americans. Max 2 White House Hero HD Movie Online  is a great dog. When I was little, everyone had a German shepherd. Not seen so often on pets. Alex, the little Russian girls Francesca Capaldi is playing is super soft. Scenes of beautiful scenery in rafting trip on the river. I love the turns, even expected.


What I do not like: none of the original actors or crew Max 2 White House Hero full movie online was involved in this sequel. This is quite unique for a sequel … weird, right? Is very bad, like a lot of acting … most. I find it hard to believe that a president’s son does not think it’s the coolest thing ever. The first child is making a lot of complaints, it is quite hard to believe that he would be sent with a peanut butter and jelly on his first day of public school.

Both seem unlikely. Max 2 White House Hero HD Movie Download does one of heroic acts; In the opposite case, rolls around and gets a pet a lot. As usual in children’s movie Max 2 White House Hero Full Movie Download Free, children are smarter than all adults. Unanimous dialogue. Older children and parents can also be annoying. The script is pretty stupid.

Funny lines: “I hope it looks good in orange. – TJ Bennett (Zane Austin) Parents must explain the prison uniform for their children.

Tips for parents: no disappointment. Yay! Perhaps you need to explain the political relations between the United States and Russia. The Russian president in the film Max 2 White House Hero full movie download  is a male version of Wladimir Putin. People fall from a rafting river and trapped in danger. Children are disobedient.

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