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Maya Mall (2017) Watch Online

Movie Name: Maya Mall (2017) Watch Online
Horror, Thriller
Directed By: Govind Lalam
Dilip Kumar, Eesha Rebba, Diksha Panth
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length:  
1 hrs 44 mins
:  Telegu
File Size
: 278 MB
Release Date:   21 Jul, 2017

6.2/10 stars from 786 votes (IMDB)



Maya Mall (2017) Trailer


Maya Mall Movie online  is a thriller production thriller Telugu K.V Harikrishna under Filmmakers Vishnavi (VMM) and TV9 studios .. Director Dileep Kumar Govindh With LALAM, Eesha LCCI as protagonists.


Maya Mall Download Torrent is a film with Telugu Kumar and Dilip Eesha LCCI in leading roles. The cast also includes Diksha Panth and Thagubothu Ramesh. He is a thriller of Govindh Lalam with Hari Krishna K.V as producer, Sai Karthik as musical director, part of the crew’s film Maya Mall  full movie download crew.

Maya Mall Full Movie HD Download  – Dare to Enter ‘is a film starring Dilip Telugu and Eesha in the lead roles. Written and directed by Govind Lalam, Sai Kartheek composes music. The story revolves around a shopping mall and interesting incidents happening there. With the subtitle “Dare to Enter” Maya Mall Torrent Download  is ready to delight the public.


Maya Mall HD Full Movie Download  is a story laced with comedy based on the current horror-comedy genre. The film Maya Mall Full HD Movie Download  revolves around mysterious events in a shopping mall where the main characters are trapped. What happens next is something you have to do on screen.

Dileep (Dileep Kumar) and Mytri (Eesha) are the amateurs who decide to marry against the will of their parents. The flight of his people and the country into a shopping mall for shopping. This is also the time when a slight setback in the mall occurs and the coupe is stuck in the mall with Shakalaka Shankar and Tagubothu Ramesh.

What is this accident? How’s the couple at the mall? And there is a factor of fear in the mall to do it? To find answers to these questions, you must see the film Maya Mall hd movie download  on the big screen.

Review  1

The radical change of the peak is quite interesting. Telugu daughter Isha has done an excellent job in her role. It brings a lot of depth to the film Maya Mall movie download hd with its performance. Deeksha Panth offers good candy for the eyes of the masses.

The Neuling Dileep is also good for the first film Maya Mall full movie watch online. Happy Days Ruhm Sonia is good in her role and looks good. Some horror effects here and there quite well in the movie. The way the entire movie on a single shopping mall runs seems pretty convincing.

One of the biggest disadvantages of the film is the horror comedy routine. There is nothing new in this film, as the proceedings are a copy of many recent horror comedies. The film looks bad most of the time with nonsense.

Shakalaka Shankar and Ramesh Tagubothu evoke not laughter and his papers were written rather weak. Prudhvi are not used to the maximum. There is no depth in the emotions as the process shows with some of the top comedy and outdated expressions are met.

As the way has been the mall with a good work the camera is presented is already mentioned quite interesting. He did a very bad job with the film Govind is the director. His story is pretty smooth, as he only wrote a few scenes. But as a whole, it makes the movie is pretty predictable. The background music was good and the treatment part too.

Total Mall Maya is another horror comedy routine that has absolutely nothing to offer. Apart from some candy for the eyes Deeksha Panth this film is a disappointment and can ignore this weekend.

Review 2

Maya Mall Online Movie is also a horror film with budget Dileep and Eesha LCCI, directed Govindh Lalam. It is produced by K. V. Harikrishna music and credits go to Sai Karthik, while Ramesh and Shakalaka Shankar Thagubothu seen in supporting roles in this film. Maya Mall HD Full Movie Download is the first film by actor Dileep.

Maya Mall movie download is a simple story between Dileep and Mythri who want to fall in love and get married. But the parents do not agree with that. As a result, the couple and flee marry his people against their parents. After leaving the village to stay in a shopping center in case of an accident. The pair is trapped in the mall with Thagubothu Ramesh and Shakalaka Shankar.
Details on what the mishap, why and how it is achieved and when the couple is done or not only after revealing to the film.

The actors must be a good job with the film, especially a newcomer Dileep. Females are a visual treat. However, the film has a horror cliché story. The story is fine, but the story and the dialogues are not very exciting. Despite the well-known actors in the film, their role and dialogues do not bring much laughter as they usually do. Although the plot was predictable, background music and editing must be valued.

Maya Mall (2017) Watch Online

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