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Motor Mitraan Di (2016) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Motor Mitraan Di (2016) Watch Online
Directed By:
Amitoj Mann
Gurpreet Ghuggi, Sonia Mann, Happy Raikoti
 DVD, 720p
Movie Length:
1h 59min
:  Punjabi
File Size
:   532  MB
Release Date:  30 December 2016

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Motor Mitraan Di (2016) Description

The film Motor Mitraan Di Movie online  is the story of three brothers who wanted to expose the false gods.


Motor Mitraan Di HD Full Movie Download Three brothers are involved very differently in a murder linked to their events in their ashrams.


This is a comedy of three siblings – Paaji, Rajveer and Ravi are in a situation that the truth of Dera Baba and the events in his ashram in Punjab. A hilarious, full of jokes and comic situations, this film is a self-righteous exhibitionist who earns his living by killing innocent and all illegal activities continue and harmful in his ashram under the pretext of religion. Motor Mitraan Di Online Movie speak of family values, loyalty, love and people warn against unscrupulous fraud and corrupt God-man who has ruined many lives but said all this with a smile or laughter


Motor Mitraan Di free movie download is the story of three brothers, Ravi (happy), Rajveer (Ranjha) and bhaji (Ghuggi) who runs an engine workshop, until one day Rajveer buys a bus. After that, drive a bus called “Motor Mitraan Di movie download“. All is well until one day the disciples of the Prabham Ashram are led, who are guided by Maharaj (Yograj Singh) and Swami Ji (Sardar Sohi). What follows is a chaotic comedy of mistakes that has some dark deep secrets to discover in the end.

Commentary: Director Amitoj Maan after a pause of about 2.5 years after Haani and Gaddar – The traitor with Harbhajan Maan had invented. This time has a multitude of players who meet the star in the key role with Amitoj makes the writing part on the same Waqas Quershi side.

First, movies are characterized by a very, very thin story. The story, script and dialogues were written jointly by Amitoj Maan and Waqas Quereshi. When he saw his previous work, he was always convinced that Amit Maan is a great writer and capable, but it is the address in which the actual question mark. Later, I still come to this game. The story of the film Motor Mitraan Di HD Movie Online, as specified by the makers, was inspired by real events and is a very normal affair. Probably the first time I wrote a story Amitoj Maan, which is very low.

The script is very predictable. You can easily predict what follows below, except for one particular thing, which was the element of surprise in relation to the mystery of a murder and kept well until it became known.


I feel Amitojs, as I said, is a very good writer, but it is a question mark in his leadership. Once again, the story of Motor Mitraan Di HD Movie Download  was weak and probably even the director knew. However, a director can still avoid things and create a world where things are credible, but nothing in the film Motor Mitraan Di Full Movie Download Free world was credible.

Some points that are worth saying somewhere from point A to point B in Punjab would not be more than 12 hours late in traveling a maximum and bhakte Ashram traveled to another and spent another 18 -20 hours on the trip and has not arrived to the goal? Someone plays a CBI inspector in the movie Motor Mitraan Di full movie online and shows that in the end and not convinced by the angle of the IWC. Nothing said or displayed in the back of the Maharaj story or anything to establish it. Secondly, he is a powerful saint and another is afraid of a ghost. Most things have never made sense.

See performance, Gurpreet Ghuggi showed sincerity and seemed like a solitary battle to fight to the end and justifies his character and performance. Good Raikoti improved his Darra and Tieshan seasons, but he should work a lot more effort. Ranjha Vikram Singh was missing expressions in the film Motor Mitraan Di full movie download. Maybe the director has killed his character, not by his own lines.

Sonia Maan, as usual, had no fleshy role. Some may argue that this story line of Motor Mitraan Di full movie free download revolves around it, but disappears after the first notes appear as over-Climax pieces. Yograj Singh was not impressive. Sardar Sohi laughed and it was good.

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