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Pichuva Kaththi (2017) Watch Online

Movie Name: Pichuva Kaththi (2017) Watch Online
 Action, Drama, Crime
Directed By:
Inigo Prabhakaran, Sri Priyanka, Bala Saravanan
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length:
2 hrs 08 mins
:  Tamil
File Size
:    429 MB
Release Date:  22 Sep, 2017

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The lives of three friends who register in a small insult are revolutionized when dealing with illegal acts to overcome the obstacles they face.

Pichuva Kaththi Movie online is a Tamil film with Inigo Prabhakar and Anisha Xavier in prominent roles. It is a dramatic action film by Ayyappan, with N R Raghunathan as music director, part of the crew.


Pichuva Kaththi Torrent Download failed to attract the public because of his irrigated narrative and its ineffective sequences

Pichuva Kaththi Download Torrent  is a dramatic Indian Indian theater film written in 2017 and directed by Ayappan. The film played Inigo Prabhakaran and Anisha Xavier in leading roles, with a number of actors including Yogi Babu Rajendran, Ramesh Thilak, Bala Saravanan and Kaali Venkat in key roles. Film began production in mid-2016 and was released on September 22, 2017 to a mixed criticism of the critics.

The film was shot in the spring of 2017 by Kumbakonam, while Rajendran was briefly injured during the shooting. The producer of the film, C. Mathaiyan, brought his son C. Senguttuvan back into a supporting role of secondary and pulled freshman Anisha Xavier again.

Review 1

Three friends (Inigo Prabhakar, Yogi Ramesh Babu and Thilak) who come from a village in Kumbakonam are arrested by the police when they fall back into a strange way to organize money for drinking. They are asked to appear every day at the city police station for 30 days. Inigo, who is in love with Sri Priyanka, has no time, because his father makes arrangements for his marriage.

In the meantime, she demands a ruthless police officer at the police station, who linked to gang bribes from the Tripartite Group and threatens them with shots when they do not. The three begin to engage in antisocial activities, as instructed by the policeman. In such an attempt, they caught in an attempt to steal the ornament of a girl.

The film Pichuva Kaththi full movie download also tells a different love trip, for a couple who relates to friends in an unexpected way. Friends, after 30 days, decide to return to their village if a series of unforeseen incidents occur. This allows them to fight with the policeman and the gangster with whom he connected.

Pichuva Kaththi Full HD Movie Download was unsuccessful in attracting audiences due to his irrigated narrative and ineffectual sequences. The climax of the film Pichuva Kaththi Full Movie HD Download, which had a large margin for a rivet sequence, was a mediocre sequence with a convincing performance. Yogi Babu and Balasaravanan manage to entertain several times while Prabakar, Ramesh Thilak and other artists are strictly fine.

Review 2

The story refers to three young men and their involuntary error, giving rise to criminal proceedings. It seems that the story of the plot is similar to the Tamil movie Subramaniapuram. But the manager said what is quite unique. What is the error of the three boys? In these three types, a man falls in love with heroin, the case will break his relationship or not.

Inigo Prabhakar returns with director Ayyappan to entertain the audience. The movie is beating the theater today and everyone is eagerly waiting for the release of the movie. Movies in this genre are going well and Ayyappan also anticipated this film Pichuva Kaththi hd movie download. Scroll down to read the Pichuva Kaththi HD Full Movie Download Movie Review and Story.

The film Pichuva Kaththi Online Movie plays the lead roles with Inigo Prabhakar and Sri Priyanka. Pichuva Kaththi HD Full Movie Download run by Ayyappan. N.R Raghunathan made the melodies and background music for the film Pichuva Kaththi full movie watch online. Already the songs have produced a positive response from the audience. Of course, his songs are one of the most important moments of the film Pichuva Kaththi movie download hd. You’ll love all the thrills, thrillers and thrillers in a movie.

The movie done well on the shows in the morning, but we have to see how it happens at night. The movie has good performers that make it look good rather than a little story. The manager did a good job and made a great catch. The music is decent since the story takes you in a different direction, the other aspects of the movie show the feeling in the movie.

Pichuva Kaththi (2017) Watch Online

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