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Rock On!! (2008) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Rock On!! (2008)  Watch Online
  Drama, Music
Directed By:
Abhishek Kapoor
Arjun Rampal, Farhan Akhtar, Luke Kenny
 BluRay, 720p
Movie Length:
2h 25min
:  Hindi
File Size
:  1.97 GB
Release Date:  29 August 2008
7.8/10 stars from 16036 votes (IMDB)



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Rock On HD Movie, Four friends also gather to experience their moments of fame as a rock band. Watch  bollywood movies online in HD on Movieort.


Rock On watch movies online Saky Shroff, the woman who alone and neglected the bustling bank board, Aditya decides to surprise her on her birthday on July 22, but the ends are not surprising, but several times. While Aditya is thrilled that both parents will be, and seemed surprised at the celebration, creeps bitterness when he realizes that Sakshi had also invited some ghosts (Rob Nancy and Cedar Zaveri) from his past. This leads to unpleasant memories involvement failed Band “Magik ‘is associated with a decade ago Sakshi will soon discover why Aditya is she; excitement Why the band dissolved to end the violence and especially acrimony between her husband and his former friend, Joseph Mascarenhas, why not be able to act together, and examine, relocate and live with their mother. Watch  latest bollywood movies in HD.


Rock On HD Movie Download also Begins in Mumbai, with the rock on HD Movies Online band Magik, 1998 Joseph (Joe) Mascarhenas (Arjun Rampal) is also the lead guitarist who feels the need to prove himself as a musician. Aditya Shroff (Farhan Akhtar) is also the singer who rebelled against his family to do music. Nancy Rob (Luke Kenny), the keyboards also Cedar Zaveri alias KD / “Killer Drummer” (Purab Kohli) embrace the rest of the band. Organized after a competition of Channel V, they decide one, and the winner will receive a record contract and at least one clip.Watch HD Movies in 1080p on Movieort

After the competition to win, the group also  go at the signing of the contract by victim. Joe feels disappointed when his song, which he wrote for his girlfriend Debbie (Shahana Goswami), and that was the only slow track on the album, from the list of tracks to the space for random song remix is ​​excluded. Debbie is also excluded as a stylist in the group without even calling for a demonstration. Later Rock On Full Hindi Movie Download, when the comedies who concentrate during the shooting of the music video only on Aditya, Joe is angry and director Aditya before leaving with Debbie. Aditya, who also did not recognize that something was wrong, is shocked and abandoned music and his girlfriend Tania (Nicolette Bird) to leave a note for her. “Magik” is also divided and its members dissociate themselves.Watch HD Movies Online in Bluray on Movieort.


Ten years later, Aditya is an executive of an investment bank. His wife Sakshi (Prachi Desai), also hoping to ease his usual grudge, decided to offer him a gold watch for his birthday. K D, who is also  working for jewelry business from his father, Aditya Sakshi intends to speak jewelry and new bollywood movies  gifts. Sakshi then directs the meeting, in which Aditya K. denies knowing when sakshi found a box full of photos of Magik, invites K D’s birthday party to say they want to meet with the Aditya group.

Meet Rob K D, who also  hindi movie makes life composing jingles for commercials. Together, they also invite Joe, who largely unemployed, with an eight-year-old son. The family is supported by Debbie, who he married and new hindi movies  who holds a grudge against the group and also works in a small fishing business. Joe believed to reconcile with his old friend, but Debbie sees this as a weakness. K D And Rob also Rock On free movie download visit the party without Joe and Aditya is shocked to see her. Sakshi later complained trying to dig his past, claiming he has left behind. Sakshi is also injured and left her after her pregnancy to inform. Watch  new hindi movies in HD on Movieort.

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