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Saala Khadoos (2016) Watch Online Movie Name: Saala Khadoos (2016)  Watch Online
 Action, Drama, Sport
Directed By:
Sudha Kongara
Madhavan, Nassar, Radha Ravi
 BluRay, 1080p
Movie Length:
1h 49min
:  Hindi
File Size
:  2.13  GB
Release Date: 29 January 2016
7.7/10 stars from 6697 votes (IMDB)

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Saala Khadoos Full Movie Download Free  The story of a former boxer who closes boxing after a rain with the authorities on the underlying policy but nevertheless caused fisherwoman to realize his dream through him.  Watch HD Movies on Movieort.


Saala Khadoos Watch Movie Online  Prabhu (Madhavan) is a boxing coach in bold who has a good name in the Indian Boxing Federation. Less impressed by the existing fighters in Chennai, a courageous woman Fisher-Madhie (Ritika Singh), his sister Lux Boxer (Mumtaz Sorcar) accompanied for training, the attention of the Prabhu. Prabhu believed to be a naturally gifted boxer and even pay $ 500 a day to undergo training. At a certain point Madhie falls in love with Prabhu and a qualifying game, which in turn irritates and returns home. Madhi can triumph against all odds?  Watch HD Movies Online on


Prabhu is a failed boxer who falls despite the very talented, victim of the dirty politics in boxing. Ten years later, he is a coach of the team’s women’s boxing, but it is extremely angry and frustrated with selection bias. Because of his disagreements with the head of the Dev Khatri Association (Zakir Hussain), he is falsely accused of sexual harassment and Saala Khadoos HD Movie Download  transferred to Chennai. Despite the very poor infrastructure, Prabhu / Adi manages to find talent in Madhi (Ritika Singh), a fishmonger along the road, then realizes that it is better than the judges during the tournament of his sister.

Ignoring the older sister Lakshmi Madhi (Mumtaz Sorcar) for 8 years was boxing, offering Prabhu Madhi train for a couple of hours a day. But the two do not get along because the training methods merciless Prabhu / Adi and aggressive nature of the Mahdi. Consequently, Madhi deliberately lose a home game. Prabhu later asked Lakshmi Parents and Saala Khadoos Hindi Movie Online Madhi Saamikannu (Kaali Venkat) and Damayanthi (Baljinder Kaur) so they could send with him to the hostel so that his daughters could work hard to drive. Madhi little known, but regrets later, when she discovered that Prabhu sold his bike for her new equipment training to buy.

Madhi’s commitment began with training with Prabhu and developed feelings for him. The day of a qualifier revealing his feelings Prabhu and rejects immediately. During the warm-up phase before the game, a zealous swear now Saala Khadoos Hindi Movie Download  Luxmi hand make Madhi Madhi lose. Mad, think Prabhu Madhi intentionally lost again, also the spear from training camp. Watch latest bollywood movies in HD.


Dev able to demand from Madhi in Delhi for an event of cultural exchange and in fact his fight with the Russian boxer, beat Madhi in seconds. Then Saala Khadoos Full Hindi Movie Download he approached Madhi unmotivated by Dev with an obnoxious suggestion, to which they wound up responses. Dev also revenges false charges of theft. Watch  bollywood movies in HD.

Prabhu also comes to rescue and return. Madhi later took to Delhi to get him a wild card in the World Boxing Championship. Many people in the association, including Lakshmi, accused Madhi of offering sexual pleasures also Saala Khadoos Watch Hindi Movie to Prabhu. Madhi also new hindi movies ignore any accusation works hard and keeps the pre-tournament win. The day of the final, Dev Mahdi also takes the name from the list and asked Prabhu to resign immediately, if he wants to see Madhi in the final, which with the same Russian boxers beat them in Delhi. Madhi comes to fight in the last round, but went to Prabhu to learn the resignation.

It continues to lose points in the first laps and was severely injured in front of Prabhu in the stadium and tells him to attack his opponent’s arm too low. Madhi also Saala Khadoos HD Movie Online  to follow the schedule and hit the opponent with seconds to the left in the final round. Dev jumps quickly to take the ring credit for training Madhi, but beat him and goes to Prabhu. Madhi and Prabhu, an emotional new bollywood movies  encounter with a trainer also a student shows.

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