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Sargi (2017) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Sargii (2017) Watch Online
Directed By:
Neeru Bajwa
Rubina Bajwa, Jassi Gill, Parminder Gill
 HD, 720p
Movie Length:
2h 4min
:  Punjabi
File Size
:   1.43 GB
Release Date:  24 February 2017

7.2/10 stars from 52 votes (IMDB)





Sargi (2017) Description

A young woman working in a cafe far from her native land, is spoiled for choice when it is free.  Watch latest Punjabi  movies online in HD 720p.


Sargi full movie  is a story that is the maiden name of a village Sargi Online Movie , daughter of an armen Schreiner and his childhood friend Babbu, son of a wealthy farmer returns. Babbu Sargi HD Movie is in love since childhood, can not confess his love and marries Singh Sargi HD Full Movie Download  Amrik for emigration purposes, to leave India with her new husband. Sargi Movie online  abroad brings his new life of coffee. For your situation begins in Amrik, falls in love with her, and she is also attracted to the owner-son Kaim.

As if two were not enough free Babbu also appears in the cafe as a friend of Amrik. She  has developed the sense of Kaim, if one day, when Kaim confesses his love and offers sargi HD Movie Online
she says hesitantly yes. Babbu broke back heart to his village and I wonder if he ever loved or Sargi free movie download had feelings for him, and if so, why he married Kaim? The answers appear at the end of this Russian mountain is the heart sargi movie download.  Watch HD Movies Online in 720p on Movieort.


Sargi Full Movie Download Free (ਸਰਗੀ “celestial”) is also a dramatic film directed by Neeru Bajwa Punjabi and Jassi Gill and Rai with a Babbal release date of 24 February 2017A


Neeru Bajwas “Sargi HD Movie Download ” also begins in Punjab. She  played by Rubina Bajwa, a Punjabi girl, she wants to work abroad to start their new life, but she does not have enough money to travel abroad, they decided to create a “marriage of the Shame “to make immigration and married played with Amrik Karamjit Anmol and traveled abroad, where he began working in a cafeteria. Amrik finally begins to fall in love with her. Babbu (Jassie Gill), the Sargi full movie free download also  loves her school and expresses her feelings, she met her best friend Kaims cafeteria.

Kaim, played by Babbal Rai, who is the son of the coffee house, also begins to follow her, after all, but also attract Kaim, and proposing Kaim said now, yes. Babbu also Returns heart broken in India. Babbu but eventually she married. Also Why Sargi full movie online 2017 Babbu married? And how do you know that Babbu has also feelings for her? This tension is when you look at this immaculate triangle of film. The beautiful second half is also the highlight of the film.  Watch Punjabi  movies online in BluRay Quality on Movieort.


The Neoru Bajwa Bajwa and Adorable Rubina make their debut in Polly Wood, an actress and others as directed by Sargi Punjabi  Movie Online, and both performances were good and compelling, but Rubina Bajwa really needs some work on her performance . The performance Karamjit Anmol was memorable and BN Sharma was also satisfactory. The film also received a positive response from critics and media.

The story of the film is not only great and perfect, but also beautiful in their own way. From the beginning to the end I was also impressed Jassie gills emotional, extreme performance and yes powerful. Jassie performances touching Babbal Rai Gill heart and action also make this film more interesting and special. And, of course, with some of the comedy comedies with BN Sharma and Karamjit Anmol, you’ll definitely have goose bumps. This is also one of the best romantic films of the year.  Watch Punjabi  Movies Online in HD 1080p for free.

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