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Shivaay (2016) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Shivaay (2016) Watch Online
 Action, Adventure, Drama
Directed By:
Ajay Devgn
Ajay Devgn, Erika Kaar, Abigail Eames  
 HD, 1080p
Movie Length:
2h 49min
:  Hindi
File Size
:    3.36  GB
Release Date: 28 October 2016

6.6/10 stars from 6612 votes (IMDB)



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Shivaay (2016) Description

Shivaay HD movie download is a Himalayan climber who is innocent and who is capable of becoming average destroyers when they are going to protect his family again.


Shivaay  full movie download free is a famous mountain in the Himalayan Tracker in one of his adventures, met Olga and fall in love soon discover Olga is pregnant, but she is not the child, but Shivvay  watch movie online persuaded to give birth, baby, Olga leaves Country after the birth of her unborn baby, 9 years later Shivaay  HD movie online free download daughter Goura finds that her mother is still alive and lives in Bulgarien.Goura hiding in Shivaay  watch Hindi movie online angry for her mother, and insists that Treffen. Shivvay  full Hindi movie download and Goura After traveling to Bulgaria to meet Olga, where he made a racket of child traffic to locate, he then goes against Olga, but finds that he has gone and receives help from the Indian embassy to find his path. Goura is kidnapped by the gang of child traffickers and Shivaay  Hindi movie download can not do anything back when the Bulgarian police anfertigte him as a child smugglers.


Shivaay Hindi movie watch online opens with a mountain climber in the Himalayas, Shivaay free movie download also driving down a dangerous cliff in the Himalayas. Shivaay also lives alone in a small house in the mountains and makes life by providing trekking and climbing expeditions for tourists. In such a walk he also meets the beautiful Olga, a student from Bulgaria and keeps an avalanche. They also end up falling in love. Olga is also pregnant. He asks her to stay with him in India, but despite his love for Shivaay movie download, Olga does not want the child.

She wants to go back to Bulgaria and ask Shivaay watch online in HD to go back with her, but he can not adapt to this life. He asks her to give the child, then he will not stop them. Olga was also beautiful girl, Gaura, who looks like her mother and asks Shivaay latest Hindi movies Download in Bluray daughter to say that her mother died, and leaves India. Eight years later, we are shown that Shivaay lives happily with Gaura in the mountains. Her daughter is dumb, but she does not bother in her happy life. There is a turn when, due to an earthquake, Gaura Olga discovered the last letter to Olga Shivaay and learns that her mother is still alive and Bulgaria.

Gaura calls Shivaay to be taken to Bulgaria and Shivaay full movie watch online finally forces himself to apply goura in Sofia, Bulgaria. Shivaay and Gaura arrive in Sofia also start looking for Olga. Meanwhile Shivaay discovered that young children are being trafficked through Bulgaria. A child is saved, also reported in the press. Shivaay application to the Embassy of India to help in the search of Anu and Olga, while  young eager officer assigned to the embassy. Watch movies online and free download on MovieOrt.


New Bollywood HD movies download is also excellent. Ajay Devgan has also worked very hard and proved very well on the screen. Leading actress is also good, best for the particular part of the story. The emotional bond with the father and the child captivated the audience to their seats, in fact, it was on the screen when we left the theater. It’s also like a hangover. All the actors played their pieces. The songs are also good. An interval song with Sayesha also may not be necessary.

Cinematography price. Excellent action sequences. The script would have been better if you gave it to your experts. They will pay more attention to the background music when this octane and emotions and went to hunt in them the right music in the background is sometimes inadequate. Ajay Devgan’s presentation scene could be better treated. Less villainous role in the efforts would have been better. Anyway, the film has influenced a positive impression on the public and the family audience this emotional drama would do. The scene culminates with the father and the daughter is epic.

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