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Spider-Man (2002) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Spider-Man (2002)  Watch Online
   Action, Adventure
Directed By: Sam Raimi
Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Willem Dafoe
 BluRay, 1080p
Movie Length:
2h 1min
:  English
File Size
:    2.83 GB
Release Date:  14 June 2002

7.3/10 stars from 562630 votes (IMDB)



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Spider-Man (2002) Description

Spider-Man full movie watch online and free download from MovieOrt.  When bitten by a genetically modified spider, a high-school nerd, shy and awkward acquire similar skills as the spiders need to use time as a superhero to combat evil after tragedy hits his family.  Watch Online Movies for free on MovieOrt.


Based on the comic super hero Marvel latest Hollywood movies, it is a story of Peter Parker, a high school nerd. He orphans as a child who is struggling by athletes, and can not profess his enthusiasm for his stunning neighborhood girl Mary Jane Watson. He says his life is “unhappy” is an understatement. But one day, during a trip to a laboratory, a radioactive spider bites lit … and changes your life, so no one could have imagined.

Peter acquires a muscular physique, clear vision, the ability to surface and creep stick to the walls, shoot tissue from the wrist … but the fun will not last. An eccentric millionaire Norman Osborn manages a powerful drug on himself and his manish alter ego Green Goblin emerges. Now Peter Parker has Watch Hollywood movies online like Spider-Man for free  and take Green Goblin to become the task … or else Goblin will kill him. They are face to face and the war begins, in which only one of them will survive the end.


Peter Parker, the oldest of high school, lives with his aunt May and Uncle Ben, also was banned and harassed at school. During a study trip, he visited a genetic laboratory latest English movies with his friend Harry Osborn and Mary Jane Watson involuntary interest. Here Peter is also bitten by a “super-spider” genetically altered. Shortly after his arrival at home, he becomes sick and falls into a swoon. Meanwhile, Harry’s father, the scientist Norman Osborn, owner Oscorp, tried to get a major military weapon. He also experimented on improving chemically unstable performance. After the chemical absorbed, what goes to berserk, he kills his assistant also destroys the lab.

The next morning Peter finds that it is not clairvoyant, also his body has become a muscular body. In school, he discovers that his body can produce fabric wrists, also fast reflexes can help you avoid injuries in a collision with Flash Thompson. Peter finds out that he develops superhuman speed, strength, ability to stick to surfaces, also a greater ability to sense danger.Movies Download in Bluray and HD quality from MovieOrt.com

Ben brushes the Council that “with great power is a great responsibility,” while Peter believes Mary Jane impress with a car. Give a secret fight tournament and won her first game, but the promoter cheats him before his prize money. If a thief suddenly meets the office of the promoter, while Peter you can escape retribution. A short time later, he discovered that Ben died and shot in Peter’s arms. Overcoming anger and revenge, Peter holds up, dressage and tries to kill the autodrome, but hesitates when he sees the thief who is snapped at him. The thief tries to run, but stumbles and falls out of a window instead of his death.


Cameron’s work was the basis of the first draft screenplay by David Koepp, while often word by word. Cameron versions of Marvel villains Electro also Sandman remained antagonists. Koepp Rewriting replaces the Green Leprechaun as main boss also added Dr. Octopus as a secondary antagonist. Raimi felt the Green Leprechaun and the father-son theme of the substitution of Norman Osborn and Peter Parker would be more interesting so that the movie Doctor Octopus was reduced. In June, Columbia Scott Rosenberg Koepp rewrote the material. This remains constant in all was circumscribed the idea of ​​the “organic webshooter” Cameron script. Raimi said he would expose the suspension of disbelief hearing Peter stretching webshooters to mechanical.

Rosenberg has kidnapped Dr. Octopus and created several new action sequences. Raimi’s addition of a third source would make the story of the movie too complex. Deleted from the last movie sequences had spiderman watch movies online  protect Fargas, Oscorp executive, who uses a wheelchair of the Goblin and Spider-Man free movie download  to defuse a hostage situation in a train. As for production, producer Laura Ziskin polished her husband, the writer Alvin Sargent, to polish the dialogue, especially between Peter and Mary Jane. Columbia has provided new Hollywood movies with a list of four authors the Writers Guild of America, which contribute to the final script of “Spider-Man”

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Spider-Man (2002) Full Movie Download

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