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Theru Naaigal (2017) Watch Online

Movie Name: Theru Naaigal (2017) Watch Online
 Action,  Drama, Thriller
Directed By:
S Hari Uthara
Prateek, Pavel Navageethan, Appukutty
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length:
1 hour 42 minutes
:  Tamil
File Size
:    311 MB
Release Date:  22  Sep, 2017

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A group of young people kidnap a political gangster waiting for the results of an election. What have they followed?


Theru Naaigal Watch Full Movie Online is an Indian drama of Indian drama written in 2017 and directed by S. Hari Uthraa. The film features Pratheek and Akshatha Sreedhar on lead rolls, with a number of actors including Appukutty, Imman Annachi, Pavel Navageethan, Madhu Soodhanan and Mime Gopi in key roles. The film Theru Naaigal Movie Free Download in mid-2016 and was released on September 22, 2017 to a mixed criticism of the critics.

Theru Naaigal watch tamil movie online and Imman Annachi in important roles. The cast also includes Ram Pratheek, Pavel and Aaru Bala. This is an act of S Hari Uthra.

Hari Uthraa has scripted the film and laid out key points about the company’s activities and the problems faced by farmers. He proved that it was initially difficult to find a producer because of the controversial issue before he had agreed creations to finance the film. The film Theru Naaigal watch movie 2017 online high quality hq with a U-certificate. About the process, Hari noted that the board was initially skeptical about the content and thought it was against the government, because it needs problems of methane extraction, but later was satisfied.  Watch Tamil Movies Online in HD 1080p for free on MOvieort.


Theru Naaigal watch 2017 tamil full movie online along with eight other films, which became the busiest release date of 2017 in Chennai. The film Theru Naaigal movie watch online high definition hd, 2017 and mixed reviews, with criticism from the Times of India said the movie “Believe Bass. The critic added that “using the fragmented delays Theru Naaigal tamil movie free download seen so far” and “this approach does not allow us to guess what is at stake and what is at stake, and the film remains committed for most parties. ”

However, critics said that” what the film Theru Naaigal youtube tamil full movie watch online, is that the critical part is a bit long and divided to take a bit of a romantic track that seems to have been added as a compromise “from Rakesh Mehar said.” Theru Naaigal movie online watch free, but finally to deliver a unique film that extracts from its actual runtime, “adding,” not that Theru Naaigal tamil full movie free download a good film has “” committed to excess, but he could not fully participate because it has more of the hand – and with a subtle touch and a little restraint, this could be an ex-vision. ”


For almost the first half of Theru Naaigal watch 2017 tamil full movie. In the opening scene we also see a group of young people entering a school and detained on the way back from Marudhamuthu, a policeman on patrol. The story goes to Chokkalingam, the editor-in-chief, who is waiting for an election result, and his bitter rivalry with Settu, a big ball in town. There also an episode with Kumar, one of the teenagers, rounded off by the cops, who consider a meeting.

On the screen, we received visual information in the form of events – events that occurred on May 26 at events a few days before and after that day.

And little by little the director Hari Uthara begins to fill us with the pieces that are missing. This use of broken timelines is what Theru Naaigal full movie online 2017, you recognize a Vigilante story, unlike the many people we’ve seen so far. This approach prevents us from guessing what is at stake and what is at stake, and the film remains interesting for most parties. The humorous photography of Thalapathy Rathnam gives the film some anxiety that works in its favor, although the use of frequent injections of inactivity after a point tired.

What keeps the movie from really good that the review section a bit too long. And shares a bit of a romantic track that seems to have added as a compromise. This episode, which focused on a limited Imman Annachi, should have been an exciting time. But never really think about what is happening here. And some comedy scenes with Appukutty kill the mood. But the first film is Theru Naaigal tamil movie watch online.

Theru Naaigal (2017) Watch Online

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