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Movie Info

Yaar Annmulle 2 (2017) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Yaar Annmulle 2 (2017) Watch Online
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Sunny Mahal
Cast:  Son Raja Baath, Sarabjit Cheema, Diljott
Quality:  HD, 720p
Movie Length: 2h 25min
Language:  Punjabi
File Size:   1.64  GB
Release Date: 6 January 2017

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Yaar Annmulle 2 (2017) Description

Yaar Annmulle 2 Punjabi Movie Online Cups Trio University makes a hilarious story.


As this film Yaar Annmulle 2  full movie free download in the title is clear, it is all about friendship and love. Moreover, this film is different from the first part and all the characters are new and the whole concept is new in this film which does not rest on the front. I think it’s different with new faces was the big problem for the manufacturers, because people are attached to the previous characters.

Review 1

As everyone knows that the famous continuation of the film Yaar Annmulle 2 full movie download Punjabi released at the box office this Friday. But I think the hype and buzz are not as good as expected by critics and writers. People see not so enthusiastic about the idea of ​​the film, as they are for the first part of the film. And the reason for the low hype and the buzz is low and the faces normal cast iron. Also, given that the trailer of the day was all negative things to say about the film released.

In general, word of mouth do not come positive for the film and that bad news for the creators. Critics looking no good either for the film and saying to qualify the mixed reviews and for them. Yaar Annmulle 2 full movie online first among a good competition because the Bollywood film “Dangal” continue to receive in the north of India a good response of any purchase.

Yaar Annmulle 2 HD Movie Download is directed by Mahal Sunny and produced under the Batra Showbiz banner. This film has Sarbjit Cheema, Raja Baath, Sarthi K, Diljott, Poonam Sood, Keeya Khanna, Saini Param, Yograj Singh and Nirmal Rishi in the main roles. I think management and performance work is low in this movie that the box office movie collection will have an impact.

Review 2

Anurag Singh Yaar Annmulle 2 Full Movie Download Free from his first in 2011 marked the trend of things for many years to come in the film Punjabi. The film marks the newcomers and became one of the biggest hits in 2011 and 5 years later, the film Yaar Annmulle 2 HD Movie Online continued to gain cult status among film Yaar Annmulle 2 free movie download enthusiasts.

Suddenly, a few days an announcement took me by surprise. The first look Yaar Annmulle 2 movie download  launched in the second The film Yaar Annmulle 2 Online Movie was three actors or singers sang the actor waiting. The first glance was not impressed. Now, the movie trailer also reached last night. The trailer is never an impression or an indication of what the story is. A series of 2 seems lifted from 3 Idiots, while the rest of the trailer about funny gags, comedy burlesque was and so on.
I felt the team of the wrong origin. I felt bad for the writer and director of the original. Also I felt bad for all the players who were part of the original.  This trailer appeared a story to have great music, actors do not know what they were doing, and so on.

The fact that a movie is passed does not mean that manufacturers have the right to use the same title as the brand name, add 2 or 3 in front of it and imagine the crowd lining up outside the theater In a row, to see the film Yaar Annmulle 2 HD Full Movie Download of the same brand loved her 5 years. I loved Yaar Annmulle 2 Movie online when he opened 5 years ago.

Yaar Annmulle 2 (2017) Watch Online

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