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3 Bahadur (2015) Watch OnlineMovie Name: 3 Bahadur (2015) Watch Online
 Animation, Adventure, Family
Directed By:
Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy
Muneeba Yaseen, Hanzala Shahid, Zuhab Khan
 HD, 720p
Movie Length:
1h 34min
:  Urdu
File Size
:   275  MB
Release Date: 22 May 2015

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3 Bahadur free movie download and watch movies online on MovieOrt.com.  is the extraordinary story of three children who drive the most unlikely places and rescue your sore city like plague. Amna, Saadi and Kamil, 11, encounter difficulties, and the injustice to peace and harmony in their church once prosperous and live a very happy life to restore


3 Bahadur movie download for free  is the extraordinary story of three children, the most unlikely places driving their city to save the evil. Amna, Saadi and Kamil face the injustice of peace and harmony in your once prosperous region.  New Lollywood movies are available  to Watch Online.


The story also begins in a live call and a festival go neighborhood. Later, a young girl was kidnapped by a villain named Mangu. A brave man also ran after him, he struck the tyrant and saved the girl. Mangu fled into a cave also found a terrible creature Babou Balam forces the evil who called him and told him to protect the skeleton key. One night Mangu also emerged from the clock tower and ordered people from Roshan Nagar now king. For the man who saved the girl then scolded. So he used his strength to strangle the man and climb into the tower to kill him.Latest Lollywood movies download and watch online only on MovieOrt.

Three friends, Saadi and Kamil Amna want to know more about the tower, and want to defeat the thugs despite Saadi’s mother orders him not to pay attention. The three also enter the tower and receive performances from unknown creatures. Amna was also received in Audience Superspeed, super-Kamil was granted and Saadi gave intelligence and the ability to intelligently understand things. In the next night, the tower again enter and defeat the bat Mangu Mangu and while the attacks themselves, are protected by the unknown and in an unknown place creatures.  MovieOrt is the best platform for Movies Download.

There the three children are also granted more powers. Kamil’s ability to fly high also jump, Amna has the power to create shields and Saadi has the power to produce black holes. Saadi Mangu also tells the death of his father and said that the good man was the father of Saadi who was trying to stop 10 years ago. Saadi then feel very frustrated and angry after that learning. They use all the powers to defeat Mangu the key of evil in a powerful black hole also created to throw away Saadi with all their might. Lollywood Movies are available for free download.


September 11, 2014, ARY Films and SOC Films also announced a joint venture named Waadi Animations. His intention was also to produce animated online movies content, including feature films, and has announced that their first project was three Bahadur. Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, CEO of Waadi Animation, said, “This partnership will allow us to create animated heroes and heroines that will make us laugh and cry, and above all, entretener.Todos have an inner child and try to feed the imagination of the “In the first event of the film in the cinemas Nueplex Karachi, Creative Director Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy revealed that” girls almost three years ago, I had an intense desire to create an animated feature film in Pakistan, lure children and adults igual .

Tengo, admit to venture into the field of animation, was new to me and my team, but everyone quickly warmed up on the idea and began to learn the ropes and has a team of some of the best entertainers in the country to join us “Sharmeen Obaid said” three Bahadur is not just a movie, but a message of movimiento.El we send with this movie. We are proud to announce, and 3 Bahadur watch movies online the fruits of our hard work and efforts share the first feature animation film of Pakistan. ” Is that “we must overcome. “Since these three children (the main characters in the film), we can meet the challenges enteriely The film is produced in Pakistan, based on a fictional city named Roshan Basti (City of Light).

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