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Chandni Bar (2001) Watch Online Movie Name: Chandni Bar (2001)  Watch Online
Crime, Drama
Directed By:
Madhur Bhandarkar
Tabu, Atul Kulkarni, Rajpal Yadav
 HD, 720p
Movie Length:
2h 30min
:  Hindi
File Size
: 2.15  GB
Release Date:  28 September 2001
7.7/10 stars from 1946 votes (IMDB)



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Chandni Bar (2001) Description

Chandni Bar Movie online A displaced woman is forced, a beer dancer and children to be the sister of a gangster.


Chandni Bar HD Full Movie Download Mumtaz is a small town whose family is murdered in communal riots. He moves to Mumbai with his uncle, the only member of the family who left. They are misery and the guy convinced a girl from the bar in Chandni Bar Online Movie. It’s only temporary, it promises until you get a job. Mumtaz is a shy girl who hates work, but she keeps dancing and flirting. However, the uncle is not keeping his promise; It lives on its profits, profits and never works.

The list is added a final unforgivable crime and when it is watered and Viola. At that point, it attracted the attention of a gangster named Potiya Sawant. When he told Potiya that his uncle decides that Potiya to “defend his honor”. Potiya draws uncle. Mumtaz without male protection in the poor poor women’s neighborhood Potiya. She is determined to make the best of it. They left the bar and kept raising their two children at home, carefully protecting the world of prostitution and gangs. However it disappears when his world Potiya killed. You need to support the bar back to your children. In the end, it can not protect its poor environment. Her son is a murderer, her daughter is a Mumtaz bar dancer again and returns to prostitution in a tragic attempt to save her son.


After his house Sitapur (U.P.) is burned in the local disturbances of 1985 Mumtaz (Tabu) moves to Mumbai with his surviving father, Irfan Mamu (Suhas Palsikar). Once there, they meet Iqbal Chamdi (Rajpal Yadav) who arranged their accommodation, and in Chandni Bar movie download as a dancer setting, reluctantly agrees to be convinced that it is only temporary. But if things do not change, now it turns out that his alcoholic uncle separates sexually. Gangster Potya Sawant (Atul Kulkarni) he, killed his wife, and are parents of Abhay and Payal.

He wants his children to receive an education and to adapt to the different jobs that their parents. But things get out of control after Potya dies in a “meeting”, forcing him to return to dance Chandni Bar free movie download. As the years go by, Abhay and Payal are now visiting as a teenager and school while working as a waitress. Then the unexpected happens – Abhay is arrested by the police for extortion and detained in a home for minors.

Chandni Bar HD Movie Online After your attempts to resolve in vain, you approach some leaders who agree they do so at a price that should arranged within two days. They quickly sell their body for money, but it is still short. So Payal takes dance floor, bringing the rest of the money, and Abhay downloads. But his son is not the same: now he is cold, ruthless and has only one goal: revenge. Break with the lives of your children – now you must find out what happened to your child – and what can done to avoid it, than to become another gangster.


We follow Mumtaz lives with her debut as an orphaned teenager in Chandni Bar full movie online from her small town in the big city after a devastating riot forced to leave and end up once exhausted mother of two. Echoes and timely repetition – both visual and informal – between Mumtaz Leben runs so young forced into a lightning bolt of beer and the evil widow and distressed life is very low (a subtle example of the other kind of bar of the Beer is dancing – the “2000” are certainly different from those that show the era of Mumtaz, but ultimately, nothing has changed, nothing can change the main theme of the film Chandni Bar HD Movie Download). The film Chandni Bar Full Movie Download Free, which covers almost 20 years, called the epic both in scope and time of the screen, but I am in every moment.

Chandni Bar full movie free download  is a very dark movie. One of the most obvious issues is that of sexual betrayal. A young Mumtaz raped by his lazy uncle. Deepa, one of the affectionately depicted abortion and attractive characters, and played an excellent actress, Mumtaz Führer in the world of beer bar, forced repeatedly if she pregnant, always says, the next will to keep her. The new teenage son Mumtaz raped by two older men who only in the latter part of the film Chandni Bar full movie download. There a sense that no matter what fate Mumtaz has done something about.

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