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Children of War (2014) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Children of War (2014)  Watch Online
Drama, History, War
Directed By:
 Mrityunjay Devvrat
Farooq Shaikh, Victor Banerjee, Pavan Malhotra
 DVD, 720p
Movie Length:
2h 40min
:  Hindi
File Size
:  475 MB
Release Date: 16 May 2014
6.7/10 stars from 717 votes (IMDB)



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Children of War Hindi  Movie HD Would you like to go to war for peace? The search for a child of war for acceptance and a nation flooded in the blood.


Children of War Hindi  Movie Online Based on a true story in Bangladesh in 1971. The film Children of War  Hindi  Movie Download also deals with how and religious rape were used as war weapons. The film Children of War full movie free download  is also about the birth of Bangladesh in 1971. It also focused on genocide as 400,000 women were raped and 3 million people died. As the film Children of War full movie download progresses to its climax, the three stories begin to intertwine.


“A masterpiece dark!” That’s all I can also say about this movie. A ruthless, cruel also violent action 1971 genocide almost forgotten by the Pakistani army, where about 3 million people died and four women were raped Lakh in East Pakistan (today Bangladesh). It is also hard to believe that this is the first movie Mrityunjay Devvrat! This movie is also not for the faint of heart, “A” something really means here.

It is inconceivable how the absolute power can fall us so low and man can do in the name of the country, religion, language, these unthinkable acts to another man. I have also never seen such a brutal and explicit description of the violation after “Bandit Queen,” a weapon that destroyed by the Pakistani army to the morale of ordinary men. Indranil, Raima, Tilottoma were also fine, Victor impressive in a small role and Farooq SEIQ very well contained as one of the Muktiyodha Band (Libertad figher) funds. RIP Mr Farooq Seikh, I also miss him.

But for me, the superstars were Rafiq and his sister Kausar (I forgot to remember their real name, sorry), brother and older sister protection, what a performance they gave! And yes, Pavan malhotra as a ruthless Pakistani General really remarkable that in some cases also reminded me of Stoph Waltz, who played the famous SS Col. Hans Landa also in “Inglorious Basterds”. In the film Children of War full movie online  we have also three stories running parallel (Raima-Indranil, a journalist and his wife whose lives were killed by the Pak army.


While writing the script, Devvrat has investigated the question of interviews with several journalists, veterans and refugees. It assumed that for the illegitimate son films takes place in Bengal but the film Children of War HD Movie Download forced after 8 days of shooting with the Association of Film Children of War  Full Movie Download Free Engineers and workers from East India forced due to problems because there were problems with the number of local hands Hired to work on the film Children of War HD Movie Online.

The shooting also found around Delhi and Haryana, and together for the illegitimate son shooting came mostly at night. In 2013, Farooq Sheikh also confirmed in the movie star, only rumors surface, which replaced Sabyasachi Chakraborty in the film Children of War free movie download.

Devvrat addressed the rumors in June 2013, claiming that Chakraborty still part of the film Children of War movie download  but his original role had split into two different characters because of the director’s will with the Association of Technicians to avoid other potential problems film Children of War Online Movie and workers in the East Of India.

The production for the illegitimate son had other problems with the film Children of War  HD Full Movie Download because the Indian association did not approve the image of moving the title of the movie containing the word “bastard.” Devvrat responded to criticism of the title and said he did not consider the word offensive the intention.
So far, critical recording has been positive. Live mint also gave positive comments on the film Children of War Movie online, which included the “a shame, very well filmed and devastation.

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