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Freaky Ali (2016) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Freaky Ali (2016) Watch Online
 Comedy, Sport
Directed By:
Sohail Khan
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Arbaaz Khan, Amy Jackson
 SCR Rip , 720p
Movie Length:
:  Hindi
File Size
:  422 MB
Release Date: 9 September 2016

5/10 stars from 1774 votes (IMDB)



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Freaky Ali (2016) Description

Freaky Ali full movie Watch Online A debt collector is for playing golf.  Watch online movies in HD on MovieOrt.


Nawazuddin Siddiqui (Freaky Ali Hindi movie) plays the character of a blackmail collector for the local thug with Arbaaz Khan (Maqsood). His destiny becomes when he goes to one day and Arbaaz on a golf course to pick up extortion after he has been waiting for man hours to give him money. Nawazuddins character meets with the man who tells him he has to wait until he finished the hole.

This is where the character Nawazuddins challenges Freaky Ali movie download hd 1080p  that is just the Nawazuddin man petition to show, Nawazuddin puts the ball in just an ace, because he has a natural, gifted swing, which surprised not only the man but also the younger, the Nawazuddin knows. The following is an inspiring story of a simple blackmail collector of a golfing sensation, and on how to become a champion, Nawazuddins beats character all occasions and meets the girl of his dreams, played by Amy Jackson


Freaky Ali free movie download , a poor man also turned gangster was fired after working at an owner of a clothing store. Latest Bollywood movies Freaky Ali movie download worries that he can not make more money to care for his mother called Salubha, but his friend Maqsood dislikes him. Maqsood Ali and trying to get money from a rich and royal wife Padmavati, but succeed only after a struggle to do with it. Maqsood also works for Bhai Danger to get his money. Ali married, but is stopped by the owner, who worked in Ali’s shop. Ali goes to the golf course to get some money Singhania. As Singhania is unable to put the ball into the hole, Ali suddenly challenged. Ali accepts his challenge and wins to earn money.

Ali Uncle Kishan Lal, a cart driver, Freaky Ali full movie hd 1080p watch online also said that if he plays golf, the amount of money can and can become a champion. He goes to practice, but he can not do things. Kishan also told Ali that his future between a perfect shot and a bad choice is blocked. Ali inspired in this take the right way and is practiced to perfection. Ali in the process falls in love with Megha, a manager of golfing champion Vikram Rathod who is arrogant, greedy and dishonest. Megha can praise Ali’s performance, but if Vikram tried to insult, he overcomes (Ali), saying that while the poor play the game, the rich people play learn, but “never lose” to win, Ali pays The price of entry to the tournament and qualify in the best 60-72 players.


Vikram soon unleashes Megha and shows his arrogance to Freaky Ali online movie, but Ali reflects his attack from the lessons he learned in the world. Ali also wins events and earn money to take care of Salubha in this process developed Megha Ali and feelings with others. Tricks Bhai danger also blackmail do not help Maqsood Ali Maqsood do. As Megha discovers, Alis’ mother (Salubha) said, and Maqsood scolded. Maqsood tried to explain why he did, Ali maqsood’s mother convinced that the true / honest person is important. Kischan said Maqsood Ali who has also bothered him (Kishan). Ali also feels annoyed and insulted Maqsood.

Maqsood regrets also decides to help Freaky Ali online movies. Vikram Alis also injured his hand, everyone is anxious and begins to pray. Ali also returned with an injured hand, currently in recovery. Bhai bath just to see the game also danger Bhai Vikram connects. Maqsood offended and said that Vikram Vikram Alis can hurt the hand, but not its value and purpose and maqsood is the new Caddy. Ali was also inspired by her mother, the Bhai Bhai danger and offended bathroom she wanted to insult Ali.

Ali then, during the game you gain confidence again, remove the cast and play perfectly. As Maqsood Freaky Ali new Bollywood movies also asks what he does, Ali said he will take a “second as cricket.” Ali takes a hit on the tree and wins the hole and Ali. Vikram also Bollywood movies accept defeat and let him go. Bath Bhai Ali also rents and canceled all illegal transactions and Ali celebrates his victory with his friends and his lover Megha.  Online movies watch free of cost on MovieOrt in Bluray.

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