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Nakshatram (2017) Watch Online

Movie Name: Nakshatram (2017) Watch Online
Directed By: Krishna Vamsi
Sundeep Kishan, Regina Cassandra, Sai Dharam Tej
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length:  
2h 46m
:  Telegu
File Size
: 720  MB
Release Date:    4 August 2017

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Nakshatram Movie online A little boy led to realize that the police are the backbone of society and that every police officer is Lord Hanuman, the protector together. He decided to be a cop when he was old.

Review 1

Each policeman is a citizen in uniform and every citizen is a policeman without uniform forms, and that is what swears the main character. After Krishna Vamsi’s films have paid a social message in tandem with the entertainment quotient, Nakshatram full movie download  has just that.

Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) is a suction policeman. He dreams of becoming an SI and a society. After an explosion of a bomb that claimed many innocent lives, Parabrahman (Prakash Raj), the honest police chief of Hyderabad, the city of terrorist activities promised free and a crack team of dynamic police led to form Alexander (Sai Dharam Tej) for this purpose,

Meanwhile, Rama Rao in a TIFF with Rahul (Tanish), son of Para Brahman settled. How does it affect armed aspirations to join force? Is Rama Rao able to realize his ambition, or is he disturbed by circumstances? As this is a larger picture of Alexander and his research connect? Parabrahman is really the honest cop who seems to be?


Sundeep Kishan also does Rama Rao, and this is the first time he worked with a senior manager. It has a role in the area of ​​services and is well run. His performance in the particular scene where he later faced his choice and asked to allow the guard inside, is commendable. Regina Cassandra as her boyfriend is nice to look at. Pragya Jaiswal gets a little better role, full of glamor and substance. Tanish in a negative role left his mark and Prakash Raj, as usual, with his role with ease. Sai Dharam Tej as Alejandro, elegant, dedicated and ruthless cop, is very good. Sivaji Raja has a positive role as Constable Sitaram, the judges too.

Nakshatram full movie watch online  is a clear homage to Krishna Vamsi to “khaki men”. That is, unless the aspirations and characterization of Rama Rao, which recalls the drama of a deja vu feeling. We Samudram and Khadgam remember. In addition, the problems of drug abuse and terrorism in the media are discussed. So a conspiracy in these lines would be the element of novelty missing, and it is one of the drawbacks of Nakshatram Torrent Download. And for this reason, Nakshatram Download Torrent although not a bad movie, is not likely to history as one of the best works of Vamsi.

Review 2

More recently, the popular director has Krishna Vamsi can hit the target at the box office. His films, however, visitors are still attracted public attention and criticism with his quality, to make the film Nakshatram HD Full Movie Download. In his latest offers, Nakshatram Full HD Movie Download, tells a story that revolves around an unidentified police uniform and try to tell us that the old cliché of every citizen must take the law in their hands against the evils to fight the company. The film Nakshatram Full Movie HD Download begins with a young Rama Rao (Sundeep Kishan) who (Tulasi) lives with his mother in a police camp, the distinguished policemen. According to the story, he falls in love with Jamuna (Regina), a young artist, who is the daughter of a policeman Fahrer Sita Ram (Sivaji Raja).

Rama Rao submitted a written examination, a police team by the Metropolitan Police Commissioner (Prakash Raj) was set up to probe the blast of a bomb that killed many people in Hyderabad. However, when he went to the physical test, to visit the villain – the son of the chief of police (Tanish) – which makes him lose his ambition in the life of the clogs. The Commissioner’s son conducts a mafia band that drugs and guns in Hyderabad offers. Aware of his desire against evil in society to fight Rama Rao girlfriend, Janaki says his police uniform, which in turn constitutes the core of the film Nakshatram hd movie download. By the uniform he fights against the antisocial elements without really police.

In another explosion of a bomb, the DC cameras are only the uniform Rama Rao can capture, which is fixed with a badge that Alexander claims to be.  Alexander returns in the second half of the film Nakshatram movie download hd.

Nakshatram (2017) Watch Online

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Nakshatram (2017) Full Movie Download

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