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Pagadi Aattam (2017) Watch Online Movie Name: Pagadi Aattam (2017) Watch Online
Directed By: Ram K. Chandran
Akhil, Monica, Gowri Nandha
HD, 1080p
Movie Length:  
2h 9min
: Tamil
File Size
:  2.77  GB
Release Date: 17 February 2017
/10 stars from votes (IMDB)



Pagadi Aattam (2017) Tariler

Pagadi Aattam (2017) Desription

Pagadi Aattam HD Full Movie Download(English: Chess Game) is also associate Indian Tamil drama film written and directed by Ram K Chandran. that includes Rahman, Akhil, Surendar, Monica and Gowri Nandha within the lead roles, the film’s score and audio recording consists by Karthik Raja. The film Pagadi Aattam HD Movie also began production throughout early 2016 and was free on seventeen Gregorian calendar month 2017.


The essential and business success of ‘Duruvangal 16‘ is perhaps the sole reason the manufacturers of ‘Pagadi Aattam Online Movie‘ got the bravery to unleash this message driven however otherwise onerous battle modus vivendi of contemporary youth. Suriya (debutante) is also that the wealthy child of Nizhalgal Ravi associate degreed Sudha WHO has multiple girlfriends and is an professional to keep them unknown to every different. In one among his rendezvous with a lady, he’s also kidnapped by associate degree unknown person and is secured within a coffin like box. there’s a cellular phone in there and a person calls him, reminding him of his past sins associate degreed Suriya guesses him to be a relative of a an innocent co-ed Koushalya.

The remainder of the playscript is whether or not he’s also saved and what happened to the lady. The newcomer enjoying the villain Suriya may be a smart realize and will build a sway if he gets to feature in higher films. equally the lady enjoying the innocent Kousalya is simple on the attention and brings to life a primary year college boy. Rahman because the peace officer and Gowri Nandha because the automotive vehicle driver sister of the heroine do what’s needed of them. For a playscript that takes its own time to maneuver director Karthick Raja and also the remainder of the technical crew together with cameraman Krishnakumar have done a good job.

Karthick has also used his dad‘s unchanged classic “Ilayamayenum poongattre” sung by SPB within the interval to a good impact. Equally the “Enna Enna Kanavu Kandayo” song from ‘Valli‘ is employed within the climax and it’s owing to Ilayaraja‘s voice we tend to get to sorrow what’s happening on the screen.


The critical and commercial success of “Duruvangal 16” is probably the only reason why the makers of “Pagadi Aattam movie download” had the courage to start this news, but encumber leads to the life of modern youth.

Suriya (beginner) is also the child Nizhalgal rich Ravi. And Sudha several female friends and is an expert in keeping each other alien. In one day, with a girl, she is also kidnapped by an unknown person and enclosed in a coffin like a box. It is also a cell phone and a man he calls it to remind him of his sins of the past and guess what Suriya as a parent of a young innocent girl Koushalya (beginner). The rest of the script is also saved and what happens to the girl.

Newcomer Suriya the villain to play is also a good discovery and could have implications if displayed in a better movies like Pagadi Aattam free movie download. Similarly, the girl who plays the innocent Kousalya is easy on the eye and life gives a newbie. Rahman as a policeman and Gowri Nandha as the heroine of the driver of the sister car do what is also asked.

For a script, the time to also move to the music director Karthickakumar photography. And they perform a good job, the music director Karthick Raja and other technical crew members. Karthick also used to the timeless classics of his father “Ilayamayenum poongattre”, sung by SPB in the area of ​​great effect. Also, the song “Enna Kandayo Kanavu” is used by “Valli” at the climax and because of the voice of the Ilayaraja we need to feel what is happening on the screen. Watch  Pagadi Aattam tamil movie mp4.


The film Pagadi Aattam HD Movie Online opened on seventeen February 2017 to mixed reviews. With the critic from the days of India stating Pagadi Aattam Full Movie Download Free  “partly galvanized from the Hollywood flick Buried. The story and its execution falls flat” which “the technical aspects, too, hardly provide something to cheer about”. The Deccan Chronicle expressed it’s a “movie Pagadi Aattam HD Movie Download that is watchable once” adding that “post interval. It picks up momentum when the entry of Rahman”.

Giving a negative review, expressed “venture into this game at your own risk. If solely to also receive some relevant messages for today‘s youth”. And tagged the film Pagadi Aattam full movie download as a “mess”. The film Pagadi Aattam  full movie online also took an occasional profile gap at the box workplace and went mostly ignored. Watch Pagadi Aattam  tamil hd movie in 720p.

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