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Star Trek (2009) Watch OnlineMovie Name: Star Trek (2009)  Watch Online
   Action, Adventure,  Sci-Fi
Directed By: J.J. Abrams
Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Simon Pegg
 BluRay, 1080p
Movie Length:
2h 7min
:  English
File Size
:   2.47  GB
Release Date: 8 May 2009

8/10 stars from 520061 votes (IMDB)



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Star Trek watch online in HD 720p, The impetuous James T. Kirk tried to live the legacy of his father, he creates with Mr. Spock under control as future avengers Romulan black holes hold the Federation a planet at one time to destroy.  Watch online movies and  full movie download in all qualities on MovieOrt.


On the day of James Kirk’s birth, his father died on his ship in a recent attack on a mining ship Romulan destroyed by Ambassador Spock, who grew up disapproved at this time in Vulcano by his neighbors for his half-human heritage . 25 years later, James T. Kirk also became a young rebel instigators. Challenged by Captain Christopher Pike to realize their potential in Starfleet, there are Disruptive Academy instructors as Commander Spock. Suddenly, there is an emergency in Vulcan and the new USS Enterprise is hired with promising cadets like Uhura, Hikaru Sulu, Pavel Chekov and even Kirk with crew, thanks to medical tricks Leonard McCoy. Together, this team will be an adventure on the last frontier where the old legend always begins is changed when a new version of the legend.  Online movies watch for free on MovieOrt.


In the 23rd century, while USS Kelvin fought a “storm” in space. A Romulan ship, the Narada, derives from the storm also attacks the Kelvin. Narada the first officer, Ayel demands Captain Kelvin, Robau, also come to negotiate a truce. Robau is scheduled on the current stardate in question also “Ambassador Spock,” he does not know. Narada’s commander, Nero, killing him and attacking Kelvin George Kirk, first officer Kelvin commands within the staff, including his wife Pregnant Winona, Free online watch movie on MovieOrt in bluray.

Seventeen years later, on the planet Vulcan, a young Spock is the Academy of Sciences of Vulcan accepted. The realization that the Academy also sees his human mother Amanda as “disadvantage”, he joins Starfleet Square. On Earth, Kirk is a rash, but intelligent young adult. After a fight with Starfleet Cadets Uhura accompanied knows Kirk captain of Star Trek watch online and movies download in bluray Christopher Pike, who encourages him to win the Starfleet Academy where Kirk also Dr. Leonard McCoy are also true friends.Watch Online movies and free download in 1080p bluray.

Three years later, Spock accused Kirk at the simulation cheating Kobayashi Maru. Kirk argued that the case acceptable because the simulation unbeatable, developed. The disciplinary proceedings also interrupted by a Vulcain distress call. With the primary fleet out of the reach of cadets are also mobilized. McCoy also Kirk Pike aboard the ship, the company. The realization that the “storm” observed near Vulcano is similar to what happened when he was born, Kirk beats the Pike record to convince them that distress is a trap.  Latest English movies are available for downloading on MovieOrt.


Star Trek free movie download in hd 720p, On February 23, 2007 Abrams has the offer by Paramount to direct the film, just like a producer, it first installed. He explained that he had decided to direct Star Trek full movie download in 720p the film because, after reading the script, he realized that “it would be so excruciatingly jealous, intervened and directed the film.” Orci and Kurtzman stated that their goal , An occasional fan like Abrams was to impress with his story.

Abrams noted that watch online latest Hollywood movies during filming was nervous “with all those tattooed faces and sharp ears, strange weapons and Romulan linguists, with the” Neutral Zones “dialog box, And “Starfleet” I knew it would work because the script Alex and Bob wrote was so emotional and so relatable.I not love Kirk and Spock, when I started this trip. But now I love you “Watch Hollywood movies online and free download film Star Trek in High Quality.

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