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Vasham (2017) Watch Online

Movie Name: Vasham (2017) Watch Online
 Action,  Drama, Thriller
Directed By:
Sai Rajesh
Krishneswara Rao, Nanda Kishore, Vasudev Rao
 HDCam, 720p
Movie Length:
1 hrs 54 mins
:  Telegu
File Size
:    319 MB
Release Date: 04 Aug, 2017

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Vasham full movie download  is a Telugu thriller entertainment film directed by Srikanth Challa, released under the banner of Shuka Entertainments (Produced by) in 2017. Vasham Movie online Tollywood castings are Nanda Kishore, Vasudev Rao, Swethaa Varma and others. This title of Songs and Background (Music) by Dr. Josyabhatla composed and published on 8/8/2017 (August 04, 2017)


Vasham Download Torrent  explores the concept of ancient mystical science and the dual knowledge and nature of man – good and bad, through the lives of two people, Arvind and Dr. Vibuthi Nag.

Vasham Torrent Download  is a Telugu movie released on August 4, The film is directed by Sai Rajesh and presented as Nanda Kishore, Shweta Varma and Vasudev Rao as the main characters.


Vasham HD Full Movie Download is an interesting movie lately and is preparing for a great trip in theaters. The interesting aspect of the film Vasham  Full HD Movie Download is that it was a project funded by the crowd. The film Vasham Full Movie HD Download  is in the promotion stage.

“Brothers, we did a pretty decent job at publishing the film Vasham hd movie download, but the number of people working on promotions is tight, so I could not send any message to each of you to watch the movie and the crew and the people who conveys the word are important to this movie so there is no need to call a couple, so everyone is invited here, plz come to the theaters and share their views! 3 Cheerers !!! “published Challa Srikanth, the director of the film Vasham  movie download hd  in his FB profile.


The dream began when he was in genius. When everything works for the GPA and the works, I was there to read about Satyajit Ray and see the world cinema in the discovery of a new world! Back to IBM, I was excited and soon I decided on my work and I made a film Vasham full movie watch online desi docudrama ‘Song of Life’ in Hinglish and I returned to my IAN (DM) Dhanbad College and stayed there for a year! It was a 1 hour minutess video and I learned lots of hands-on lessons!

I think no one can teach us a style, because each will have its own. But I wanted to learn the basics and I joined Tollywood and did all sorts of work to understand the production process. I worked for Minugurulu in pre-production, a film Vasham HD Full Movie Download about blind children, then worked as a production creator for Case No. 666 and finally as co-author of Chandamama Kathalu, who won a national award.

Basically, I loved the drama and I had many stories. But when I told my story to Praveen Sattaru (director of Chandamama Kathalu), he said: “Srikanth, your first movie is your brand, you take risks and you do something new!” So I took the basic idea of ​​Rohit Mishra (student, NIT Jaipur), who had been working on it for a few years. Then I did my own research for another year and blocked this script for 99 pages and 143 scenes. ”


This a completely new idea and we have not called commercial elements like that, but we think this film Vasham Online Movie has good potential and we think the best way to progress is to make it work. We thought we were ready for new movies. Currently, recent successes like Kshanam, Pellichupulu, Manamantha are our point. After writing the first draft, we kept the first half of the script online for people to read and invest when they create the project. Well, it worked out well and we got 70 l high and we were successful with filming.

If you want to start a second phase of Crowdfunding, you must release 30L (20L for promotion, TV, print and online promotion) and 10L for Qube and posters in at least 60 rooms. We are also looking for rights to sell. Hopefully, we are abroad very well abroad.

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