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Wrong No. (2015) Watch Online Movie Name: Wrong No. (2015) Watch Online
  Comedy, Romance
Directed By:
  Yasir Nawaz
Javed Sheikh, Danish Taimoor, Janita Asma
 HD, 1080p
Movie Length:
2h 13min
:  Urdu
File Size
:  2.59 GB
Release Date:  24 July 2015

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Wrong No. (2015) Description

Wrong No full movie online 2015  A story of a kind of middle class, passionate actor and prove to his family. Abandoning a job interview in favor of a father to his son, history leads to new efforts.  Watch Pakistani  Movies Online in HD 720p for free.


Wrong No  full movie free download  Tells the story of Salu (Danish Taimoor) recently passed their intermediate exams and now wants to be a movie star, rather than joining her father, the business of Haji Saab (Javed Sheikh), who is a butcher. Meanwhile, there is another world where there are parallels (Janita Aslam) is an employee of a Nawab company. Grandson nababs exactly resembles Sallu from (Danish Taimoor).


The story Wrong No full movie download  revolves around Salu (Danish Taimoor), who hopes to make it big day in show business. But his plans have the anger of his father, Haji Aba (Javed Sheikh) has inherited a butcher family who wants his son to join the other men in the family and be a butcher or to get a government contract. Laila (Sohai Ali Abro) is the next-door girl who has a thing for Salu Salu but does not interest her and wants to focus on her career.  Watch Lollywood movies online in High Quality on Movieort.

While Salu and her story takes place in Karachi, there is another track in Lahore with The Hague (Janita Asma) bound for Karachi for Shehryar (also Danish Taimoor) of Sydney and all her success to the grandmother, Company accompanied bei Works. Meanwhile, a Don fears Shera (Shafqat Cheema) who aborts a plan to kidnap Sheheryar for his wealth and send his top, but lazy henchmen and stupid (Danish and Nawaz Nauman Jaffery). But in vain, since his henchmen betrayed him take his place in order. Then the story of Wrong No Full Movie Download Free  is a bit twisted, and the Wrong No HD Movie Download  happens.


What is the best way to start a box-office blockbuster if there is also an intersection of a festival, and a long weekend? Create a Masala artist, on the market to (literally) all platforms also get loads and loads from the company. Well, that is exactly what YNH (Yasir Nawaz, Nida Yasir Hassan and Zia) has movies. wrong No HD Movie Online  One of the most sharp films of this year, also produced in Pakistan. Nida Yasir and also have (a television series) produced Nadaaniaan which has gained great popularity.

One can only expect a mega-dose of laughter also conversation from his first film Wrong No free movie download  Danish Taimoor, according to action Jalaibee is also necessary to save his career in the Pakistani film industry. Javed Sheikh demonstrated once again that his sense of comedy is one of the best in the industry after Na Maloom Afraads was huge success. That would be also a mistake. Being able to also do big business at the box office? Will this be a turning point for the main lines? Exploring! wrong No movie download  Started by Salu (Denmark), flies away from home because his father Haji Abba (a butcher by profession) to marry him with Laila (Sohai Ali Abro), and will join him in his business, Sallu does not want not to do. Salu also plans to sneak into the area of ​​the Sheharyar (SALLUS the same appearance).


Shehryar also visited Pakistan for the first time and his subordinate from The Hague (Janita Asma) visited Karachi from Lahore to bring him to Lahore. In contrast, Shera (Shafqat Cheema) and the Danish Nawaz Sheharyar both want to kidnap for ransom from his grandfather, a nabob (Qavi Khan) is. And then, when the mix of male characters and female characters is fake number. That’s all.  Watch latest Pakistani  movies online in HD 720p.

On the performance side, a bad number also depends mainly on the shoulders of its solid set of support actors .. Javed Sheikh is a pleasure to watch, especially their expressions and a lining smiling and laughing at the audience in a given time or Maintained throughout the filming of the others. Nayyar Ejaz (Butt Gullu) is also a revelation Wrong No HD Full Movie Download  Although its character has a very limited presence on screen, but as they say, a strong actor does not need to impress long roll your audience. You can also not go “unnoticed.” Danish Nadeem Nawaz and Jafry are good in their respective characters. Danish in Wrong No Online Movie  is also very entertaining and is the highest of what is usually done on television screens jumping.

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